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'Veep': Selina Meyer gets a Presidential makeover for season 3

Thanks to a new costume designer on the HBO comedy series Veep, Vice President Selina Meyer has gotten a wardrobe makeover just in time for season 3.

“She was a little bit more conservative last season. We’re trying to move her a little more [fashion] forward,” says wardrobe designer Kathleen Felix Hager, who has incorporated pieces from edgier designers like L’Wren Scott, Bottega Veneta, and Alexander McQueen into the character’s closet. “The [term] we keep using in fittings is ‘chic and sleek.’ That’s our goal — to keep her modern yet timeless.”

In an exclusive sneak peek photo from season 3 (above, right), Meyer rocks a Victoria Beckham dress, Gucci T-strap heels, and a Céline handbag. “Selena and her entourage have traveled to California to go to a Google-esque company. This is her attempt to look a little California and a little younger, because she’s going to meet this company that’s run by a 25-year-old kid,” hints Felix Hager, who says that Michelle Obama — specifically her toned arms and willingness to wear color — has had a major fashion influence on the character. “This is her attempt to be a little more fashion forward.”

The First Lady inspired her updated style, but is Meyer’s new look a sign that she’s gearing up for a presidential run? READ FULL STORY

Catching Fire: 'The Hunger Games' gets a wardrobe makeover

Costume designer Trish Summerville really kicked up the Capitol’s fashion quotient for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

“The first and second movies are so vastly different. The fashion of the Capitol changes,” explains Summerville who was brought in by director Francis Lawrence to amp up the style for the second film in the franchise. “These are people who have money. They’re mass consumers of luxury and fashion.” Fashion may be an ugly business in Panem, but the Catching Fire characters’ ensembles — a mix of ready-to-wear pieces borrowed from designers like Alexander McQueen and original creations by Summerville — are nothing short of sartorial splendor. Fans of Summerville’s work will even be able to buy a piece of Catching Fire inspired fashion when Net-a-Porter.com launches the Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville collection on November 21.

For Summerville, taking the reins from Judianna Makovsky, who designed the costumes for the first Hunger Games movie, also meant taking on the responsibility to stay true to both the vision outlined by author Suzanne Collins and meeting the expectations of fans. “I wanted to be respectful to all these people who had spent all their time creating this world and environment. There were certain liberties we had to take that kept the same idea but [were more] functional for an actor compared to what you would have in just [your] imagination,” the designer says. “One thing we changed was the Games costumes. In the book, they’re sheer blue jumpsuits and it doesn’t really describe what they have underneath. When I was reading through fan sites to see what fans want to see those costumes had never come up [so I knew we had more freedom]. Suzanne created this world so I wanted to see what she was fine with…. She was great about it.”

Click through the gallery for a sneak peek at the updated looks of Katniss, Effie, and more Catching Fire characters.


Amy Adams' sexy, scene-stealing 'American Hustle' swimsuit


The costumes Amy Adams wears in American Hustle (in theaters Dec.13) leave little to the imagination. You can blame (or thank) the ’70s for that.

In director David O. Russell’s sprawling period drama, Adams plays the part of conniving con woman Sydney Prosser. “She’s a woman from a small town who moves to New York to reinvent herself and she becomes the most sophisticated, confident dresser in Manhattan over the course of the film,” costume director Michael Wilkinson told EW. “She had like 50 [wardrobe] changes over this gradual shift.”

Adams’ character required her to be a bit of a chameleon, alternating between conservative ensembles and hyper-sexualized looks. “She’s playing a small time hustler who gets more sophisticated with her hustle,” explains Wilkinson. “It involves accents and costume changes and lots of flirtation and using her amazing physical appeal to get the situation where she wants it,” he adds.

But that swimsuit is another story.


'Scandal': How (and why) Olivia Pope's style has changed

As things get messier for Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) in season three, Scandal viewers may have noticed that she’s dressing differently.

But costume designer Lyn Paolo says it’s the true Gladiators who have figured out that the wardrobe changes are as well thought-out as the show’s many plot twists.

“I’m intrigued by our Gladiators because they now understand these tiny little clues that we give through the clothes [that provide insight into] her mental state,” says Paolo, who points out that as her life has gotten more complicated, Pope has moved from wearing a mostly neutral, tone-on-tone wardrobe in silks and other light fabrics to bundling up in more textured pieces and bolder prints. “It’s all minimalistic changes, but what’s really fascinating is that the audience gets it.”

There’s even one costume detail that might hold the key to a major secret about Olivia.  READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games' costumes to hit the auction block

Later this month, net-a-porter.com will launch Capitol Couture, a collection of clothing designed by Catching Fire costume designer Trish Summerville, but if you’re a  super-fan, you’ll want to place your bid on actual costumes worn by the actors in the first installment of the Hunger Games movie franchise. 

Among the over 200 wardrobe pieces from the first film —  designed by Judianna Makovsky — are Katniss Everdeen’s (Jennifer Lawrence) Swarovski crystal embellished Girl on Fire gown (starting bid $10,000), custom-made distressed brown leather jacket (starting bid $5,000), and light blue reaping dress (starting bid $2,000). Other notable items include Effie Trinket’s (Elizabeth Banks) fuchsia reaping suit (starting bid $2,000), Peeta’s (Josh Hutcherson) training uniform ($600), The Tributes’ unisex ensembles (starting bid $200-$1,000), and the black and white uniforms seen on the Peacekeepers (starting bid $600). Costumes worn by Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and Lenny Kravitz (Cinna) will also hit the block.

Hosted by Blacksparrow Auction, the sale will take place on Saturday, November 16th at 11 am/PST in Sun Valley, CA. (Interested parties can also bid by phone or online.) A portion of the profits will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Click on to see some of the Hunger Games costumes included in the auction.


Kerry Washington wore The First Lady's dress on 'Saturday Night Live'

Kerry Washington played a range of characters on Saturday Night Live, but none were more memorable than her portrayal of Michelle Obama for the show’s cold open. To channel FLOTUS, Washington donned the same dress Obama wore to the 50th anniversary celebration of the March on Washington, a sartorial move that hardly surprised Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo.

“She looked amazing, didn’t she?” Paolo told EW.com of Washington’s appearance in the floral Tracy Reese dress — which can be yours for $498. “If you’re mimicking somebody, [wearing an authentic garment] is be quite the obvious thing to do to sell the character.”

Though Paolo wasn’t involved in planning Washington’s SNL wardrobe — that’s a job for resident costume designer Tom Broecker — she has firsthand experience dressing actors for live broadcasts. “I’ve done live TV three times in my career — on ER and on The West Wing -- and it’s hard,” she remembered. “They do an amazing job on Saturday Night Live. Kerry changed clothes so many times, they must have been dragging her from one rack of clothes to another!”

Washington’s Scandal character is known for wearing designer labels like Armani, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren, but can audiences expect to see Olivia Pope in Tracy Reese anytime soon? READ FULL STORY

Dressing Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, and more stars of 'The Counselor'

For his new drug trafficking thriller The Counselor, director Ridley Scott created a world as visually appealing as it is complex, with characters who use their clothes to both enhance and disguise their appearance. Scott turned to longtime collaborator Janty Yates (Gladiator, Prometheus) to design the wardrobe for the film’s larger-than-life characters — including a cunning con woman, an international playboy, an urban cowboy, and a sharply dressed lawyer.

“It’s a huge collaboration between myself, the actors, and [Ridley Scott],” said Yates, who called EW from the set of Scott’s next project, Exodus, which is currently filming in Europe. “Ridley was incredibly involved. He always starts me off with a brief [rundown of his vision], then I run with it, but it all starts with Ridley. He’s so visual. Ridley was a painter for years, went to the best art college in London, and was a production designer. I’m in awe of [him].” To keep the costumes “exciting, cutting edge, and character accurate,” took three and a half months of prep time and a minimum of three fittings per actor. And although working with the A-list cast was a “fantastic” experience, Yates admitted she was more starstruck by the film’s writer, Cormac McCarthy. “Meeting him was amazing and emotional. He has been my hero for 20 years. I have every book of his,” she said of the No Country for Old Men novelist. “Every production is a huge challenge, but it was a wonderful and exciting project to conceive a Cormac McCarthy script.”

Labels like Versace and Armani worked for some, but the Counselor wardrobe department turned to designer Paula Thomas of lifestyle brand Thomas Wylde to find extravagant pieces for Malkina (Cameron Diaz), a sociopathic ex-stripper. “Working with Ridley was a once in a lifetime experience I’m thankful to have had. It’ll definitely be one of the highlights in Thomas Wylde’s history,” said the designer, who has been friends with Scott for more than 20 years. “[It wasn’t until] I read the script that I realized why he called upon me. [Cameron’s] character has a lot of elements of a Thomas Wylde woman…. [She’s] bold, edgy, modern. She’s about wanting to be seen, as opposed to blending into the background.”

Though The Counselor hits theaters today, Yates is already fully consumed with Exodus – starring  Joel Edgerton, Christian Bale, and Aaron Paul — slated for release next December. “I’m standing here looking at the Spanish Sahara as the sun sets as we speak . I’m covered in wind and dust and sand,” joked the designer, who says the costumes in the upcoming historical drama are even more over-the-top than the ones audiences will see in The Counselor. “There’s a lot of gold costumes and gold jewelry. It is immensely out there. Glamour a go-go [and] elegantly biblical!”

Click through the photo gallery for more details on the costumes of The Counselor.


The 'Bones' Wedding: What Brennan, Booth, and the interns wore

Brennan (Emily Deschanel) once said she’d never wear white, but she broke that vow when she walked down the aisle to marry Booth (David Boreanaz) on the Oct. 21 episode of Bones, appropriately titled “The Woman in White.”

“It was one of those dresses where, when [Emily] put it on, it was like, ‘Ahh… that’s the one,” Bones costume designer Robin Lewis West told EW of the embroidered lace off-the-shoulder wedding gown. “She tried on a lot of dresses, but this one fit her beautifully.”

Before saying yes to the dress, West’s wardrobe team searched the racks at a number of L.A.-area bridal shops for a gown that would suit the style of the character, flatter the actress who plays her, and fit the specific guidelines laid out in the script. As for the groom, one great designer suit and a signature accessory, and he was ready to say “I do.”

Read on for all the details Brennan’s dress, Booth’s tux and the interns’ period costumes.  READ FULL STORY

'The Middle': Sue Heck's style dos and don'ts

The wardrobe seen on The Middle seems typically middle-American, but a lot of thought goes into dressing The Heck family. In honor of the ABC comedy’s 100th episode (tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC), EW asked the show’s costume designer to share her style inspirations, go-to clothing stores, and Sue’s fashion dos and don’ts.

“The two writers, DeAnn [Heline] and Eileen [Heisler], are from the midwest… they had a lot to do with the direction we went in [in the first season],” designer Julia Caston said. “I would hate to have [viewers] in the middle of the country saying, ‘We don’t dress like that!’ I want people to see themselves in [the characters].”

It’s Frankie (Patricia Heaton) who acts as the sartorial barometer. “If you’re a mother of three, you don’t really spend money on your clothes, you spend it on your children’s clothes, especially if you’re working hard to keep a budget. I always want her to appeal to all of the mothers out there,” explained Caston, who stocks the Heck matriarch’s closet with pieces from Target, Gap, and JC Penney. “I try to keep [her look] clean, nothing too fussy.” And though Caston is sometimes tempted to work a designer label, Heaton is vigilant. “Patty keeps me in check. Any time I bring her something a little more high-end, she’ll say, ‘Come on, you can get that at Target!'”

Each character has a signature style, but it’s the always-optimistic Sue Heck (Eden Sher) whose wardrobe often stands out. “In the very beginning [she was] a wallflower, so we were asked to pick color tones that were [practically] invisible, palettes that were really youthful and innocent,” explained Caston. She’s still not one of the cool kids, but Sue has started to wear fashion-forward brands like Isabel Marant and Band of Outsiders. “We’ve kept the color, but she’s still got her own, wacky style.”

Read on for Caston’s rundown of Sue’s dos and don’ts.


Pretty Little Liars' Troian Bellisario on costumes, plot twists, and Ravenswood cameos in tonight's Halloween episode

Troian Bellisario wouldn’t reveal the big plot twist that’s going to happen on tonight’s Halloween-themed episode of Pretty Little Liars (though she did drop a couple of hints), but the actress was happy to share some costume secrets.

“The Halloween episodes are always really beautiful and stand alone to tell their own story. It’s almost like Pretty Little Liars gets a little spell cast on it for one episode every year,” Bellisario said. “[Tonight’s episode is] going to be a great tie-over for fans who have been waiting for the second half of the season. It’s going to keep the mystery going.” In addition to the mystery, filming this year’s Halloween episode was torture. “That’s always the hilarious balance that we’re trying to [accomplish] — to be running for your life in a corset and heels and not kill each other,” said the actress, who estimates that she and her co-stars spent at least 98 hours in their costumes over the course of the seven-day shoot. “I’m so ready [to do a] period horror film [after this].”

Considering that PLL fans often recreate the costumes seen on the annual episode, will Bellisario be borrowing Spencer’s Titanic inspired ensemble to wear on Halloween? “Nope! The last day of every Halloween episode, we all get together and beg [costume designer Mandi Line] to let us build a bonfire to burn all our costumes. She never lets us.”

Read on for more from Bellisario about the costumes and plot twists viewers will see tonight, and what they can look forward to when PLL returns in January.


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