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Gift of the Day: 'Murder She Wrote: The Complete Series'


Not sure what to get the pop culture geek in your life this holiday season? PopStyle is here to help! From the hottest gadgets to the oddest collectibles, we’re rounding up the best gifts in movies, music, TV, books, and more with our Gift of the Day.

I have mixed feelings about NBC’s plans to revive Murder, She Wrote.

On one hand, I am a big fan of Octavia Spencer, who has been cast in the lead role. On the other, I am a huge Fletcher fan, so even though the new series will only be loosely based on the original, I don’t like the idea of someone messing with perfection. (Apparently, neither does Angela Lansbury.) READ FULL STORY

Who is the best dressed reality TV judge? The Final Face-Off


The results are in and our Best Dressed Reality TV Judge bracket comes down to one final face-off.

Check out our full bracket here and vote in the poll below to determine who will take home the stylish title. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men': How Sally Draper dresses in her 'different worlds'

It’s impossible to talk about Mad Men without talking about the clothes. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes garish, sometimes voyeuristic, and sometimes teasingly symbolic, nothing is chosen just for aesthetics. On Mad Men, the costumes are storytelling devices that help create a richer and more textual experience for the viewer.

Janie Bryant, the Emmy award-winning (for Deadwood) designer behind the costumes of Mad Men, spoke to EW last month about her theory behind melding the costumes with the development of individual characters, including Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka). Though cryptic at the time, in light of Sunday’s episode, Bryant’s comments about Sally were suddenly brought into focus. [SPOILER ALERT: We’ll be briefly discussing plot points from the June 9th episode “Favors”]


Style Hunter: Catherine's boots on 'Beauty and the Beast'

You saw it? You liked it? We’ll find it! We’re here to help PopStyle fans track down clothes, accessories, and more must-have items they’ve spotted on their favorite TV shows and in the movies.

Nicole asks: Can you please help me find the boots and ring that Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) wears on Beauty and the Beast? Thanks a lot!

Beauty and the Beast’s crime-fighting detective Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) may not get to wear a lot of slinky dresses or stilettos, but that’s not to say she doesn’t have style. “Her clothing is simple and effortless – but she manages to always look fantastic,” said costumer Shelley Mansell, who worked on the pilot episode, in an e-mail.

Mansell said Catherine’s wardrobe is full of functional staples like leather jackets, jeans and boots. “Catherine is always on the go and the boots give her character a subtle edge,” explained Mansell, who purchased the Pakros boots ($219) in the photo above from a retail store in Toronto called Get Outside.

As for Catherine’s accessories, including her ring (pictured below), which was purchased from Sears, Mansell said they include “subtle touches of bohemian,” while “soft, subtle prints complete the look.”

Dying to find something you spotted on TV or in a movie? Email nuzhat_naoreen@ew.com and visit the Pop Style area of EW.com to see what we’ve found.

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