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Pretty Little Liars' Troian Bellisario on costumes, plot twists, and Ravenswood cameos in tonight's Halloween episode

Troian Bellisario wouldn’t reveal the big plot twist that’s going to happen on tonight’s Halloween-themed episode of Pretty Little Liars (though she did drop a couple of hints), but the actress was happy to share some costume secrets.

“The Halloween episodes are always really beautiful and stand alone to tell their own story. It’s almost like Pretty Little Liars gets a little spell cast on it for one episode every year,” Bellisario said. “[Tonight’s episode is] going to be a great tie-over for fans who have been waiting for the second half of the season. It’s going to keep the mystery going.” In addition to the mystery, filming this year’s Halloween episode was torture. “That’s always the hilarious balance that we’re trying to [accomplish] — to be running for your life in a corset and heels and not kill each other,” said the actress, who estimates that she and her co-stars spent at least 98 hours in their costumes over the course of the seven-day shoot. “I’m so ready [to do a] period horror film [after this].”

Considering that PLL fans often recreate the costumes seen on the annual episode, will Bellisario be borrowing Spencer’s Titanic inspired ensemble to wear on Halloween? “Nope! The last day of every Halloween episode, we all get together and beg [costume designer Mandi Line] to let us build a bonfire to burn all our costumes. She never lets us.”

Read on for more from Bellisario about the costumes and plot twists viewers will see tonight, and what they can look forward to when PLL returns in January.


Fashion Week: 'Pretty Little Liars' star Troian Bellisario on her biggest fashion faux-pas

Fans love Spencer’s look on Pretty Little Liars, but actress Troian Bellisario says her high-school style didn’t get quite the same reception when she was a student in real life.

At Tadashi Shoji’s New York Fashion Week show, Bellisario revealed her biggest fashion faux-pas to EW.

“My stepmother is Australian and we used to spend three months out of the year in Australia. She bought me Ugg boots. She was like, ‘We have these back home and everybody wears them, they’re super comfortable,'” the actress said. “I loved them, so I wore them to school one day — I’m from Los Angeles — with a mini-skirt. Nobody had ever seen Uggs before.”

Given that she was raised in Hollywood, where image is everything, how did the cool kids react to her fashion-forward boots? READ FULL STORY

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