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Pretty Little Liars' Troian Bellisario on costumes, plot twists, and Ravenswood cameos in tonight's Halloween episode

Troian Bellisario wouldn’t reveal the big plot twist that’s going to happen on tonight’s Halloween-themed episode of Pretty Little Liars (though she did drop a couple of hints), but the actress was happy to share some costume secrets.

“The Halloween episodes are always really beautiful and stand alone to tell their own story. It’s almost like Pretty Little Liars gets a little spell cast on it for one episode every year,” Bellisario said. “[Tonight’s episode is] going to be a great tie-over for fans who have been waiting for the second half of the season. It’s going to keep the mystery going.” In addition to the mystery, filming this year’s Halloween episode was torture. “That’s always the hilarious balance that we’re trying to [accomplish] — to be running for your life in a corset and heels and not kill each other,” said the actress, who estimates that she and her co-stars spent at least 98 hours in their costumes over the course of the seven-day shoot. “I’m so ready [to do a] period horror film [after this].”

Considering that PLL fans often recreate the costumes seen on the annual episode, will Bellisario be borrowing Spencer’s Titanic inspired ensemble to wear on Halloween? “Nope! The last day of every Halloween episode, we all get together and beg [costume designer Mandi Line] to let us build a bonfire to burn all our costumes. She never lets us.”

Read on for more from Bellisario about the costumes and plot twists viewers will see tonight, and what they can look forward to when PLL returns in January.


'Pretty Little Liars' costume designer on her favorite fashion moments from the summer season

The Pretty Little Liars summer finale just happened, but costume designer Mandi Line is already looking forward to the fan reaction to the show’s Halloween episode, which airs October 22nd. “The fashion is insane this season as far as fan appreciation goes,” Line told EW. “It’s not even that I’m taking more risks or doing anything that different. [The fans] have started to identify [with the characters’ style].”

In fact, audience appreciation for the sartorial elements of the ABC Family series is so overwhelming that clothes featured on the show have been selling out in stores. “Every time I go to [L.A.’s Una Mae’s in Los Feliz], they say, ‘We sold out of this necklace, or this dress,'” Line said. “These young girls save up their money and they can definitely afford [brands like] Free People. The bummer is… we’re shooting scenes now that won’t air until February, which makes it tough [to find things later]. Fans will say, ‘I wanted this one skirt and it sold out.’ The truth is it’s because I bought it 8 months ago.” Though Line is staying mum, a Liars-inspired clothing collection is rumored to be in the works, which would help solve the problem of supply and demand.

What will happen to the coveted costumes when production on season 4 ends in November? “Warner Brothers owns every single item and because our show is so big, that stuff goes into museums or it’ll go into archives,” explained Line. Even if a character has been killed off, their wardrobe remains under lock and key. “We inventory because, as everyone knows, just because [a character is dead], you’re never really dead on our show. We’ll retire outfits and put them away or give them to Warner Brothers to put into the archives, then all of a sudden, it’ll be like, ‘Nope. Detective Wilden. Flashback. Bring it back out.'”

And don’t be surprised if you see paparazzi photos of one of the stars in her character’s clothes during their downtime. “Troian [Bellisario] is going to London this hiatus and I get so excited when she asks [to borrow] things because she has such great personal style,” Line said. “The girls ask [to borrow pieces] all the time, but we make sure to have them sign [something] that says, ‘I took this, I took that.’ They’re good at getting it back to us. Except for, sometimes with Ashley Benson, we’ll have to actually [say], ‘Okay. Give me the keys to your car. Open your trunk and get it out!’ I love that girl, but she always goes, ‘Oh, no, it’s in my trunk!’ or ‘It’s at my house.'”

Click on to see Line’s favorite fashion moments from the Pretty Little Liars summer season, find out about the mystery behind the red coats, and get a sneak peek at the look of the PLL spinoff series RavenswoodREAD FULL STORY

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