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First Look: See the 'Pretty Little Liars' clothing collection

Pretty Little Liars fans have two reasons to celebrate — the ABC Family series drama returns tonight, and the Aéropostale clothing line created by PLL costume designer Mandi Line hits stores today.

“The good thing about Aéropostale is you’re going to get pieces that are affordable and age appropriate,” Line told EW of the collection, which is inspired by Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer. “I really wanted to [work] with a retailer whose price point was [appropriate]. I want the kids and the parents to be able to afford it.”

Get a first look at the Pretty Little Liars Collection by Aéropostale after the jump…


'Pretty Little Liars' costume designer announces clothing line -- EXCLUSIVE

Good news for fans of the fashion on Pretty Little Liars — a clothing line inspired by the teen drama is coming soon.

PLL costume designer Mandi Line played a big role in designing the line, which was developed in partnership with Warner Brothers and apparel brand Aéropostale. “It’s been a dream come true. It’s become such a passion project on both sides. All of us have become like family within the last three or four months,” Line told EW of the collaboration. “I’m so protective of the show and the fans, but the more I work with them, the more I see that they’re really open to everything I’m saying.”

Line wouldn’t share specifics, but the costume designer did reveal that the line will consist of items inspired by each character’s individual style, with pieces priced between $18 and $72. “Aéropostale is very savvy. Their main thing is to combine quality with the right price point,” Line explained. “I really wanted to work with a retailer whose price points were [reasonable]. I wanted kids and parents to be able to afford [the clothes].”

The Pretty Little Liars Collection by Aéropostale will be available nationwide exclusively at the brand’s retail stores and on its website as of January 5 — just in time for the show’s winter premiere two days later on January 7. READ FULL STORY

Pretty Little Liars' Troian Bellisario on costumes, plot twists, and Ravenswood cameos in tonight's Halloween episode

Troian Bellisario wouldn’t reveal the big plot twist that’s going to happen on tonight’s Halloween-themed episode of Pretty Little Liars (though she did drop a couple of hints), but the actress was happy to share some costume secrets.

“The Halloween episodes are always really beautiful and stand alone to tell their own story. It’s almost like Pretty Little Liars gets a little spell cast on it for one episode every year,” Bellisario said. “[Tonight’s episode is] going to be a great tie-over for fans who have been waiting for the second half of the season. It’s going to keep the mystery going.” In addition to the mystery, filming this year’s Halloween episode was torture. “That’s always the hilarious balance that we’re trying to [accomplish] — to be running for your life in a corset and heels and not kill each other,” said the actress, who estimates that she and her co-stars spent at least 98 hours in their costumes over the course of the seven-day shoot. “I’m so ready [to do a] period horror film [after this].”

Considering that PLL fans often recreate the costumes seen on the annual episode, will Bellisario be borrowing Spencer’s Titanic inspired ensemble to wear on Halloween? “Nope! The last day of every Halloween episode, we all get together and beg [costume designer Mandi Line] to let us build a bonfire to burn all our costumes. She never lets us.”

Read on for more from Bellisario about the costumes and plot twists viewers will see tonight, and what they can look forward to when PLL returns in January.


'Pretty Little Liars': Costume secrets from the Halloween episode

“Until this show, I never got nervous about what fans thought,” Pretty Little Liars wardrobe designer Mandi Line admitted of working on the ABC Family series’ annual costume extravaganza. “Come mid August or early September [every year], I start getting Facebook messages and tweets like, ‘What’s it going to be? Give me a hint! I want to prepare my Halloween costume.'”

The episode is almost here — it airs this Tuesday, Oct 22 at 8 p.m. EST — and the secret is out…. Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria attend a WWI-themed soiree in Ravenswood, site of the PLL spinoff series.  With just three weeks to pull everything together, Line said her biggest challenge was creating costumes with authentic touches that would appeal to the show’s young viewers. “I thought, ‘Kids aren’t going to get this,’ then [creator] Marlene [King] pulled me aside and said, ‘Make it true to the silhouettes, but please put your modern touch on it,'” the designer recalled. “So that’s where you get the bright colors, the sexiness.”

Plus, each leading lady’s costumes had to have at least one exact double — in case of any unforseen wardrobe malfunctions — which meant one-of-a-kind rentals weren’t an option. “[In] the summer finale where Ezra winds up being A, [the girls] were supposed to walk into the party, so we shot the Halloween episode first and that meant their costumes were going to get screwed [due to] wear and tear, sweat, food stains, all the stuff that happens in life,” Line explained. “So we had to have perfect [duplicates] because [the script said] we were supposed to see them walking into the party.”

Typically, Line and her team have a week to prepare the wardrobe for each episode, but for this special occasion, they needed more time… and more money. “We were trying to make this amazing vision work on the small budget that we have. Finally, our producers put the numbers together and gave us the green light,” she said of fighting for the extra resources she needed to create period costumes that would live up to the show’s sartorial reputation. “[It wasn’t] because I was being a diva, the money was actually necessary.”

Read on for more costume secrets from the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode.  READ FULL STORY

The 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episode costumes -- EXCLUSIVE video

Pretty Little Liars pulls out all the stops for its annual Halloween episode and this year is no exception, with the girls dressing up for a WWI-themed costume party in Ravenswood.

“The girls were so, so excited in the beginning. They were like, ‘Skinnier! Skinnier! We don’t want to breathe!'” wardrobe designer Mandi Line told EW of the corseted costumes she created for PLL‘s stylish foursome. “By the time I’d go see them on-set, [they were] like, ‘I hate you!”

The actresses channeled their pain for a particular scene in the episode. “This girdle is cutting off my air supply,” whines Hanna (Ashley Benson). “It’s a corset,” replies Spencer (played by Troian Bellisario). Girdle, corset, whatever it is, “It’s torture!” Hanna exclaims.

Watch a video of the stars of Pretty Little Liars talking about their Halloween costumes after the jump.  READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' costume designer on her favorite fashion moments from the summer season

The Pretty Little Liars summer finale just happened, but costume designer Mandi Line is already looking forward to the fan reaction to the show’s Halloween episode, which airs October 22nd. “The fashion is insane this season as far as fan appreciation goes,” Line told EW. “It’s not even that I’m taking more risks or doing anything that different. [The fans] have started to identify [with the characters’ style].”

In fact, audience appreciation for the sartorial elements of the ABC Family series is so overwhelming that clothes featured on the show have been selling out in stores. “Every time I go to [L.A.’s Una Mae’s in Los Feliz], they say, ‘We sold out of this necklace, or this dress,'” Line said. “These young girls save up their money and they can definitely afford [brands like] Free People. The bummer is… we’re shooting scenes now that won’t air until February, which makes it tough [to find things later]. Fans will say, ‘I wanted this one skirt and it sold out.’ The truth is it’s because I bought it 8 months ago.” Though Line is staying mum, a Liars-inspired clothing collection is rumored to be in the works, which would help solve the problem of supply and demand.

What will happen to the coveted costumes when production on season 4 ends in November? “Warner Brothers owns every single item and because our show is so big, that stuff goes into museums or it’ll go into archives,” explained Line. Even if a character has been killed off, their wardrobe remains under lock and key. “We inventory because, as everyone knows, just because [a character is dead], you’re never really dead on our show. We’ll retire outfits and put them away or give them to Warner Brothers to put into the archives, then all of a sudden, it’ll be like, ‘Nope. Detective Wilden. Flashback. Bring it back out.'”

And don’t be surprised if you see paparazzi photos of one of the stars in her character’s clothes during their downtime. “Troian [Bellisario] is going to London this hiatus and I get so excited when she asks [to borrow] things because she has such great personal style,” Line said. “The girls ask [to borrow pieces] all the time, but we make sure to have them sign [something] that says, ‘I took this, I took that.’ They’re good at getting it back to us. Except for, sometimes with Ashley Benson, we’ll have to actually [say], ‘Okay. Give me the keys to your car. Open your trunk and get it out!’ I love that girl, but she always goes, ‘Oh, no, it’s in my trunk!’ or ‘It’s at my house.'”

Click on to see Line’s favorite fashion moments from the Pretty Little Liars summer season, find out about the mystery behind the red coats, and get a sneak peek at the look of the PLL spinoff series RavenswoodREAD FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' costume designer Mandi Line: 'If they're wearing flats, I guarantee stuff is going down'

Earlier this month, Pretty Little Liars returned for a fourth season, bringing fans everything have come to expect: mystery, death, and killer style. From school clothes to funeral attire, costume designer Mandi Line talked to EW about the style evolution of each character, and explained how she’s trying to make PLL “the biggest show for fashion.”

EW: With all the clothing lines being developed based on TV shows and movies, would you consider doing one for PLL?
Mandi Line:
From the get-go I’m pretty strong with what I feel and what I know I can do with a show, and when I got this show I said, ‘I’m going to make this the biggest show for fashion.’ Everyone wants to get something started, but I have to trust the expertise of the network. It’s actually starting to come together. Since the buzz is so big we know we have to hit now, I would love to say keep your fingers crossed and you may see something. That’s my dream of course. I’ve been trying since the first season but like I said, it is a process. READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale scores a new job


With the debut of tonight’s summer premiere episode of Pretty Little Liars comes news that Lucy Hale has scored a second job.

Hale has been named the latest beauty brand ambassador for mark, a beauty and fashion offshoot of cosmetics giant Avon.

As part of her role, the actress will appear in the cosmetic company’s “magalogs” and various digital platforms. She will also take an active role in the brand’s m.powerment campaign, which focuses on “breaking the cycle of dating abuse and partner violence against young women.”

Hale admits she began dabbling in makeup at a young age. Click on to see the Pretty Little Liars talk about her earliest experiments with makeup in a behind-the-scenes video from mark.


Style on the set of EW's 'Pretty Little Liars' shoot -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

When it came time to dress Pretty Little Liars stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario for this week’s issue of EW, stylist Emma Trask called on the ABC Family show’s costume designer Mandi Line for pointers.

“I spoke to Mandi and she described the vibe that she goes for on the show,” says Trask. “What we ended up with is a blend of [each girl’s] personal style and the look of her character.”

Trask and EW Senior Associate Photo Editor Matthew Levinson sifted through photos from teen queen classics like Clueless, The Craft, and Heathers looking for inspiration, finally settling on Mean Girls as a reference point for the cover shot.

In addition to the “nude, pastel palette” for the cover photo, Trask also pulled a variety of colorful dresses and metallic pieces for the shoot. “[We also did] a jewel-toned look, because it pops,” Trask says of the above photo of Hale (in Mandalay), Benson (in Ted Baker), Mitchell (in Issa), and Bellisario (in Bao Tranchi).

Click on to see exclusive alternate shots of the PLL girls and get the rundown on their pretty little ensembles. SEE THE PHOTOS

Next: Lucy Hale

'Pretty Little Liars' costume designer on which star is the most difficult to dress and more


As the costume designer behind one of the most fashion-forward teen shows on TV, Pretty Little Liars‘ Mandi Line has helped inspire trends and create style stars out of Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, and Troian Bellisario.

Now, Line tells Entertainment Weekly how she manages to make statements on a budget, which PLL star is the most difficult to dress, and what she has in mind for the Liars wardrobe in season four.  READ FULL STORY

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