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Hat tricks: The 7 goofiest things Justin Bieber has worn on his head

The baseball cap/sunglasses combo is a classic look for celebrities trying to go incognito. Pairing a $450, oversized, flat-brimmed cap with sunglasses, multiple gold chains, a leather mesh shirt, and what appears to be lip gloss (!) is slightly less traditional — especially courtside at an indoor basketball game. READ FULL STORY

PopStyle Intervention: What are you wearing, Martha Stewart?

Martha, Martha, Martha!

Look, we’re big fans of yours. You’re a billionaire, a brilliant entrepreneur, and a general HBIC. You’ve built a towering lifestyle empire that neither time nor a five-month stint in Federal Prison Camp, Alderson could tear asunder. You can do things with a glue gun that most desperate housewives merely dream about.

But here’s the thing: Your life’s work and your reputation both hinge on your impeccable taste. And unfortunately, the sparkle-encrusted, gold lamé pedal pushers you poured yourself into for the Great Gatsby premiere earlier this week just aren’t very tasteful. READ FULL STORY

PopStyle Pre-Intervention: Quit before you start, guy from 'Dukes of Melrose'

The first thing you need to know: Tonight, Bravo premieres Dukes of Melrose, a new reality series that follows vintage boutique owners Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver. The second thing you need to know: Cameron Silver is the guy in the photo above.

I’m gonna level with you, Cameron — until a few moments ago, I had never heard of you. But when I saw this photo from your show’s recent New York premiere, I knew that we were meant to be acquainted.

On one hand, I kind of love the Dracula meets Bond villain meets semi-fancy waiter look you’re rocking in this photo. (His statement piece is seriously called a “Spider Man jacket,” and it’s a vintage item from Paco Rabanne Haute Couture.) It’s eye-catching, dramatic, and utterly ridiculous — which is precisely what I want when I’m watching Bravo. And clearly, this is something that a duke should be wearing, provided he’s the Duke of Crazy Manor.


PopStyle Intervention: Insanity, thy name is Nicki Minaj

On New Year’s Eve, Nicki Minaj told reporters that one of her resolutions is to stop buying shoes. I’d like to suggest a few more articles of clothing that should be added to her list.

Whether she’s baiting Catholics in a holy trainwreck of an outfit at the Grammys or swaddling herself in bedazzled fur to play a saucy variation of Narnia’s White Witch, Nicki knows how to get the world’s attention — and I suspect she couldn’t care less about whether that attention is positive or negative.

So perhaps this PopStyle Intervention is really a celebration of ballsiness, ingenuity, and the particular brand of crazy that sees a pair of wedges covered in plush teddy bears and thinks, “Yes, this is a thing that an adult human should put on her body.” Come, friends: Let’s take a sentimental journey through the greatest sartorial missteps-slash-triumphs Nicki’s made in recent months. Starships were meant to fly — and these outfits were meant to be gawked at. SEE THE PHOTOS

NEXT: When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Nicki comes to me

PopStyle Intervention: Are you serious, Cee Lo?

When we took Christina Aguilera to task for all of the ridiculous outfits she wore on season 3 of The Voice, many of you wondered why we hadn’t taken aim at Cee Lo. Point taken.

Seriously, Cee Lo, you should have expected you’d be next. Aguilera gets credit for sticking with variations on a single (ill-conceived) signature look, but you’re all over the map. One week you’re in football pads adorned with railroad spikes, and the next you look the love child of Isaac Hayes and Kermit the Frog. And those muumuus. What the heck is going on in the Voice wardrobe closet? Let us walk you through some of your worst fashion abominations…

I’m no sizeist — I believe everyone should wear figure flattering clothes — but this satin, python-print muumuu doesn’t do you any favors. SEE MORE PHOTOS

Next: Cee Lo, you’re no Rick James

PopStyle Intervention: Everyone needs to calm down about Kate Middleton's 'maternity' style

Every news agency on the planet has gone into overdrive since the palace confirmed Duchess Catherine’s pregnancy earlier this week. And though recent headlines have ranged from speculation that there may be two royal buns in the oven to the tragic story linked to a silly radio stunt, I’m here to discuss all the attention being paid to what Kate is wearing.

Don’t freak out! I’m not intervening on the royal fashion icon herself — she has the power to bring back nude pantyhose for goodness sake — I’m pointing a well-manicured finger at the various style-watchers and fashion bloggers who are already tracking Kate’s “maternity” style.  READ FULL STORY

PopStyle Intervention: Those overalls are the last straw, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, it’s time to talk. While I was no fan of the purple hoodie, I was happy to let sleeping dogs lie. And when that artfully side-swept ‘do starting side-sweeping its way across America, I dealt with it by giving you a virtual hair makeover. But now that I’ve seen the photos of you wearing overalls to meet the Prime Minister of Canada, I can hold my tongue no longer.

I hesitated, I did. I read your poignant defense of the look. I shouldn’t have expected you “to have a change of clothes let a loan a suit,” (but what about let alone a suit?) since accepting the Diamond Jubilee Medal was just one of the many pop star chores you had to do that day. Putting on a new outfit was out of the question… You didn’t even have time to button that other strap! But the thing is, why did you have to wear overalls in the first place?

When you Instagrammed a shot of yourself in your overalls with the caption “I hope you hate my style,” I knew it was a cry for help, so I’ve come to your rescue.

You see, I’ve done my research, Justin. And while these overalls are certainly a bad look, it’s not the first time you’ve stepped out of the house in a sartorial abomination. You don’t want to end up like Bjork, do you? I care, Justin, and that’s why, at the risk of your ire, I’ve selected four of your other worst outfits from the past year. Click through the gallery and I’ll tell you exactly where you went wrong. It’s harsh, I know, but the only way to make you understand is to make you see what the rest of us do when you choose to wear a drop-crotch.

Follow along, readers, as I walk Justin through his fashion crimes. And don’t forget to vote for his worst look in our PopStyle Intervention poll. READ FULL STORY

PopStyle Intervention: Sarah Palin, California girl?

You can take the girl out of Alaska, but you can’t take Alaska out of the girl. Unless she leaves her gubernatorial seat for a reality TV show, fades off the political map, and suddenly decides to take a stab at being a fitness guru.

What happened, Sarah Palin? Just four years ago, you were a fashion star. Even Democrats couldn’t deny your magnetism, or the way you filled out a tailored blazer. Countless Halloween costumes were inspired by your signature “Hot Librarian/HBIC” look. Were those boots and above-the-knee skirts appropriate for someone a heartbeat away from the Naval Observatory? Who cares; either way, you looked great in them.

Now, though… oof. READ FULL STORY

PopStyle Intervention: What happened, Penn Badgley?

Penn, Penn, Penn. Can I call you Penn? I’ll assume you said “yes,” and get right down to brass tacks: Where has your fashion sense gone?

As the picture on the right proves, you were a sartorial star in 2008 — that suit you wore to the Fashion Group International’s 25th Annual Night of Stars was sleek, tailored, and totally appropriate for the occasion. Your hair was messy-cute, your tie was maybe a little shiny, but you were pulling it off. You had it all: a credible Blue Steel impression, great style, and the love of one Blake Lively.

But lately, things have changed. Just look at what you wore to a Fashion Week event yesterday — the electric blue blazer! The wide, crotch-long tie cut from some sort of upholstery! The goofy, Tom Hanks in Big hair! What are you hiding behind your back? Where are your socks? Ed Westwick would be mortified if he saw you looking like this.


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