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'Modern Family': A behind-the-scenes tour of the Dunphys' kitchen

Flaming toasters, flying pancakes, family squabbles: the Dunphy’s kitchen has seen it all — and now the walls are talking. 

In EW’s annual Hollywood Design Report (on newsstands now) production designer Claire Bennett and set designer Brian Kasch walk us through Modern Family‘s little slice of suburbia to explain the thinking behind the bold color choices and artfully cluttered workspaces and reveal hidden gems like the family growth chart and baby photos.

Click through the gallery for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the set.


How Michelle Obama inspires the costume design on 'Scandal,' 'Veep,' and 'House of Cards'

Forget about those drab, boxy business suits, the powerful female characters on today’s D.C.-set TV shows are wearing figure-flattering dresses, experimenting with bold colors and patterns, and even (gasp!) going sleeveless. And they all have Michelle Obama to thank.

The first lady hasn’t just changed the fashion landscape in our nation’s capital, she’s changed the way fictional Washingtonians look on the small screen.

“[Mrs. Obama] has made D.C. a little more feminine and much more modern,” explains Veep wardrobe designer Kathleen Felix Hager, who dresses Vice President Selina Meyers (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) on the HBO series. “She took risks.”

“She did inspire us. There’s no doubt about that,” says Scandal designer Lyn Paolo, who pitched her vision of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) to ABC execs with an “anti-inspiration” vision board featuring practically every real-life D.C. power woman except Obama. “No disrespect, but I don’t think there are that many women in politics today that dress like Olivia Pope. They all wear red, white, and blue—all the time. Thank God Mrs. Obama is changing that.”

After taking over the wardrobe department on the Netflix series House of Cards, Johanna Argan also realized that when it comes to everyday dressing in Washington, unless you’re talking about FLOTUS, real-life inspirations are hard to come by. “I looked [at] women in power positions — in corporate America and in D.C., [but] there weren’t any specific women that stood out,” says Argan, who is responsible for Claire Underwood’s (Robin Wright) closet. “I used Mrs. Obama [as a reference] because she’s the most fashion-forward example of what we see right now.”

Read on for more on how Michelle Obama has influenced the costume design on Veep, House of Cards, and Scandal.


'Veep': Selina Meyer gets a Presidential makeover for season 3

Thanks to a new costume designer on the HBO comedy series Veep, Vice President Selina Meyer has gotten a wardrobe makeover just in time for season 3.

“She was a little bit more conservative last season. We’re trying to move her a little more [fashion] forward,” says wardrobe designer Kathleen Felix Hager, who has incorporated pieces from edgier designers like L’Wren Scott, Bottega Veneta, and Alexander McQueen into the character’s closet. “The [term] we keep using in fittings is ‘chic and sleek.’ That’s our goal — to keep her modern yet timeless.”

In an exclusive sneak peek photo from season 3 (above, right), Meyer rocks a Victoria Beckham dress, Gucci T-strap heels, and a Céline handbag. “Selena and her entourage have traveled to California to go to a Google-esque company. This is her attempt to look a little California and a little younger, because she’s going to meet this company that’s run by a 25-year-old kid,” hints Felix Hager, who says that Michelle Obama — specifically her toned arms and willingness to wear color — has had a major fashion influence on the character. “This is her attempt to be a little more fashion forward.”

The First Lady inspired her updated style, but is Meyer’s new look a sign that she’s gearing up for a presidential run? READ FULL STORY

Catching Fire: 'The Hunger Games' gets a wardrobe makeover

Costume designer Trish Summerville really kicked up the Capitol’s fashion quotient for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

“The first and second movies are so vastly different. The fashion of the Capitol changes,” explains Summerville who was brought in by director Francis Lawrence to amp up the style for the second film in the franchise. “These are people who have money. They’re mass consumers of luxury and fashion.” Fashion may be an ugly business in Panem, but the Catching Fire characters’ ensembles — a mix of ready-to-wear pieces borrowed from designers like Alexander McQueen and original creations by Summerville — are nothing short of sartorial splendor. Fans of Summerville’s work will even be able to buy a piece of Catching Fire inspired fashion when Net-a-Porter.com launches the Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville collection on November 21.

For Summerville, taking the reins from Judianna Makovsky, who designed the costumes for the first Hunger Games movie, also meant taking on the responsibility to stay true to both the vision outlined by author Suzanne Collins and meeting the expectations of fans. “I wanted to be respectful to all these people who had spent all their time creating this world and environment. There were certain liberties we had to take that kept the same idea but [were more] functional for an actor compared to what you would have in just [your] imagination,” the designer says. “One thing we changed was the Games costumes. In the book, they’re sheer blue jumpsuits and it doesn’t really describe what they have underneath. When I was reading through fan sites to see what fans want to see those costumes had never come up [so I knew we had more freedom]. Suzanne created this world so I wanted to see what she was fine with…. She was great about it.”

Click through the gallery for a sneak peek at the updated looks of Katniss, Effie, and more Catching Fire characters.


Amy Adams' sexy, scene-stealing 'American Hustle' swimsuit


The costumes Amy Adams wears in American Hustle (in theaters Dec.13) leave little to the imagination. You can blame (or thank) the ’70s for that.

In director David O. Russell’s sprawling period drama, Adams plays the part of conniving con woman Sydney Prosser. “She’s a woman from a small town who moves to New York to reinvent herself and she becomes the most sophisticated, confident dresser in Manhattan over the course of the film,” costume director Michael Wilkinson told EW. “She had like 50 [wardrobe] changes over this gradual shift.”

Adams’ character required her to be a bit of a chameleon, alternating between conservative ensembles and hyper-sexualized looks. “She’s playing a small time hustler who gets more sophisticated with her hustle,” explains Wilkinson. “It involves accents and costume changes and lots of flirtation and using her amazing physical appeal to get the situation where she wants it,” he adds.

But that swimsuit is another story.


'Scandal': How (and why) Olivia Pope's style has changed

As things get messier for Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) in season three, Scandal viewers may have noticed that she’s dressing differently.

But costume designer Lyn Paolo says it’s the true Gladiators who have figured out that the wardrobe changes are as well thought-out as the show’s many plot twists.

“I’m intrigued by our Gladiators because they now understand these tiny little clues that we give through the clothes [that provide insight into] her mental state,” says Paolo, who points out that as her life has gotten more complicated, Pope has moved from wearing a mostly neutral, tone-on-tone wardrobe in silks and other light fabrics to bundling up in more textured pieces and bolder prints. “It’s all minimalistic changes, but what’s really fascinating is that the audience gets it.”

There’s even one costume detail that might hold the key to a major secret about Olivia.  READ FULL STORY

First Look: See the ark from the upcoming 'Noah'

We won’t get to see Noah — director Darron Aronofsky’s take on the classic biblical tale starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Anthony Hopkins — until next March (watch the trailers here), but you can see the biggest inanimate star on set: the ark.

When it came to its construction, Aronofsky and production designer Mark Friedberg started with what they didn’t want. “We wanted to do something different—no floating houseboat with two giraffes sticking out the top,” says Aronofsky. “We also realized we didn’t need a bow or a keel since the ark wasn’t being steered.”

Friedberg imagined a vessel that would look more akin to a shipping container. “This thing is meant to be a storage unit for the living species of the world and to that end whatever detail there is should be functional. We wanted to convey this as an act of immediacy, as an act of desperation—that the world is going to end and we need to survive.”

See the Hollywood version of Noah’s ark after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Downton Abbey' Merchandise: No corsets or costume jewelry, but you can buy the T-shirt

Last summer, when I heard the news that a Downton Abbey licensing deal had been struck, I began to picture myself coming to work in a cinched-waist dress and oversized costume jewelry. Needless to say I was a little disappointed to see the first offerings from the Masterpiece Classic-inspired merchandise line: a 2013 engagement calendar, a variety of 1000-piece puzzles, and a line of message T-shirts and tote bags.

I want Mr. Bates out of jail just as much as anyone, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to walk around with that sentiment emblazoned on my chest.

This is a fairly unimaginative marketing decision for a buzzy show like Downton Abbey, so I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Thankfully, reps from Knockout Licensing tell me that future offerings from the line will likely include jewelry and home furnishings, which would begin to roll out sometime in 2013.

While I wait for season 3, I’ll probably cave and pick up an “I’m A Mary” T-shirt. After all, she is kicking off the 1920s with Matthew Crawley and an engagement ring — I wouldn’t mind following in those footsteps.

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‘Skyfall': Why are James Bond’s pants getting tighter?
Banana Republic announces third ‘Mad Men’ clothing collection

'Skyfall': Why are James Bond's pants getting tighter?

That sly smirk, those smooth suits, and of course, the gadgets. British secret agent James Bond has been around on film for 50 years, running and posing, an iconic male fashion plate. But even as embodied by a range of actors, from the manly Sean Connery to the charming Roger Moore, the svelte Pierce Brosnan, and, since 2006, the gritty, blonde Daniel Craig, a few things remain the same for 007’s look: pure, tailored, retro coolness.

So when it came to pulling together Craig’s outfits for his third Bond vehicle, costume designer Jany Temime turned to trusted source Tom Ford. The designer, who created Craig’s bespoke suits for 2008’s Quantum of Solace, took things a step further for Skyfall (in theaters Nov. 9), providing a head-to-toe wardrobe for Bond, from hard leather lace-up ankle boots, to tuxedos, suits and overcoats, custom cuff links and sleek aviator shades, all from Ford’s eponymous label.

“Tom Ford has been a dream. He completely respected what I wanted,” said Temime, whose past work includes dressing Harry, Hermione and the rest of the cast of characters in the Harry Potter franchise.  READ FULL STORY

'Once Upon a Time': Snow and Charming debut new looks in this week's EW -- VIDEO


In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, we shine the spotlight on the behind-the-scenes talent helping to create movie, TV and music magic through set design and costumes, so where better to start than the Emmy-nominated team who conjures up the fairy-tale world of Once Upon a Time?

At our cover shoot, as Josh Dallas demonstrated his cape-twirling skills for co-star Ginnifer Goodwin, Once costume designer Eduardo Castro — who put Don Johnson in pastel Armani suits on Miami Vice and created the fierce (and fugly) fashions seen on Ugly Betty — gave us a sneak peek at the new costumes the couple will wear in season two.

After spending all of season one in the same brown leather doublet, Castro says that new costumes will help turn Dallas’ character into “a much more swashbuckling kind of Prince Charming.” And Dallas tells EW; “It takes somebody with great taste to go through all of these different interpretations of fairy tales over hundreds and hundreds of years and… make it up-to-date and make it cool and make it cinematic, and I think Eduardo does that brilliantly.”

Snow also gets some new clothes, including an edgy war council look inspired by a runway style from Alexander McQueen, but she’s still not afraid to show her softer side. “The element of romance is what keeps the show going,” Castro muses.

Watch the video for more from the wardrobe designer and see Dallas show off his new cape.  READ FULL STORY

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