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'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'I was never 100 percent satisfied with anything I did'

The word “ghost,” doesn’t normally elicit peals of laughter but on Tuesday night’s episode of Face Off, the contestants were asked to make a joke out of the horror genre by mixing spook with spoof.

First up was the Foundation Challenge, where contestants had to envision what the Grim Reaper might look like under that hood. The scythe-wielding harbinger of death is usually seen without a face (or simply as a skeleton), so each artist tackled the blank canvas differently. Laura Tyler (season three) used facial prosthetics in unexpected areas — the brow bones on the chin, for example — and the move won her a ticket to safety, as guest judge special effects makeup artist Patrick Tatopoulos (Resident Evil: Extinction, I Am Legend) said he was impressed with her detailed creation.

Next came the Spotlight Challenge, which took the contestants on a field trip to the Laugh Factory, where they learned they’d have to create “comedy ghosts” — creatures that looked frightening, but could make viewers laugh out loud. Newcomer Eddie Holecko struggled with his concept, scrapping his original idea for a new one — a baseball player who died after being hit by his own bat, and fell three hours behind the other contestants. Meanwhile, fellow newcomer Laney Parkhurst scrambled to finish her wig, and Miranda Jory (season two) got a last-minute scare when air pockets appeared in her work.

When it came time to face the judges, Roy Wooley (season 3) was crowned the winner, erasing the memory of his disappointing performance last week. “You’re gonna see big,” Wooley had promised before last night’s challenges, and he kept his word, presenting the judges with a vaudeville-inspired costume that depicted two small performers, one sitting on top of the other, working together to form the ghost. Judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page applauded Wooley’s work. “I’m happy to see this Roy back this week,” Page said.

The newcomers ended up at the bottom, as the judges found Holecko’s ghost unfunny and Parkhurst’s concept — an electrocuted punk rock girl — confusing. But in the end, Holecko was sent home for his inexplicably strange aesthetic choices, including his character’s “artichoke head” and “KISS eyes.” “It doesn’t look funny, it just looks weird,” Neill told Holecko. Still, Page reassured him as he left the stage, telling the eliminated contestant that he has “a bold aesthetic.”

Read on to see what Holecko had to say about being on the show, what he regrets about the creation that got him eliminated, and what he’s been up to since filming wrapped.  READ FULL STORY

Is Jamie Dornan the new Christian Grey, was Britney Spears airbrushed, and more style headlines

Is Jamie Dornan the new Christian Grey? Was Britney Spears airbrushed? Who is the best dressed Briton of all time? Who looked better in Donna Karan? So many questions.

Read on for all of today’s style and design headlines.  READ FULL STORY

'Scandal': The obsession with all things Olivia Pope

Scandal fans aren’t just obsessed with what’s in Olivia Pope’s closet.

Gladiators want to know every detail of the character’s look and lifestyle — from her signature nail polish color to where she bought those fishbowl wine glasses — and they’re getting it thanks to a slew of as-seen-on-TV blogs and Scandal-inspired fashion and beauty stories.

Read on for the rundown of the best sources for intel on Olivia Pope’s hairstyle, skincare regimen, and even her home decor.


'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'This was a chance to play the game the right way'

On this week’s episode of Face Off, the remaining contestants looked to a higher power to find inspiration for the challenge. Host McKenzie Westmore and judge Glenn Hetrick met the group at L.A.’s St. Brendan Catholic Church — which has been used as a filming location for movies like Spiderman 3, Armageddon, and Fight Club — to tell them that they would create characters based on the biblical scenes depicted in the building’s stained glass windows.

Each contestant was then assigned one of the seven deadly sins and asked to incorporate the color associated with their sin into their makeup. “It’s so important to define the exact essence of that word before you start designing,” advised Hetrick. “I challenge you to bring it to life while trying to avoid the obvious.”

Day one went smoothly as everyone started to bring their ideas to life. Frank Ippolito joked that his gluttonous creation was inspired by “fat people” and began by crafting a huge fat suit, hoping that the ambitious scale of his design would distract from the fact that the words “gluttony” and “fat” aren’t synonymous. On day two, emotions ran high. Miranda Jory appeared panic-stricken, turning to her fellow competitors for help and butting heads with Ippolito. On day three, after the finishing touches were applied, it was on to judging. Writer/producer Bryan Fuller (Star Trek: Voyager, Heroes, Hannibal) joined the panel as this week’s guest. Jory and Tate Steinsiek wound up with the week’s top looks and Steinsiek’s creepy sloth was declared the winning look. Ippolito and Roy Wooley found themselves on the chopping block, but it was Ippolito who was sent home for failing to stick to the concept and ignoring the instructions.

EW spoke with Ippolito about what it was like being back on the show, what he would have done differently in his challenge, and what he’s been working on since filming wrapped.


Gwen Stefani to release her own line of nail polish

Another day, another celebrity nail polish collaboration.

OPI has teamed with Gwen Stefani on a line of lacquers inspired by the No Doubt frontwoman’s signature punk rock-meets-Harajuku-girl style.

The Gwen Stefani by OPI collection will feature seven limited-edition shades, including Over & Over A-Gwen — a bold red “that pays homage to Gwen’s signature lipstick” — Hey Baby, In True Stefani Fashion, 4 in the Morning, and Love.Angel.Music.Baby. Other colors include semi-matte satin gold, mirrored chrome, and glitter.  READ FULL STORY

'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'We all have our off days'

The Spotlight Challenge on this week’s episode of Face Off can be summed up in five words; “dark, sexy alien circus performers.”

After a performance from vaudeville circus act Cirque Berzerk, co-founder and artistic director Suzanne Bernel advised the contestants to create a make-up that would stay intact as the wearer performed acrobatics. The group then learned that — surprise, surprise — members of the Cirque Berzerk troupe would be their models. The eight remaining contestants split off into teams of two. One team masterminded an intergalactic Wonder Woman, while another settled on an other-worldly contortionist. While most of the duos worked well together, season three’s Alana Schiro and newcomer Laney Parkhurst butted heads. Parkhurst complained, “Alana isn’t liking anything I’m doing,” while Schiro worried that her “bad edges” were going to get her sent home…again. The pair was rarely on the same page, but they still managed to complete the challenge.

Come elimination day, the Cirque Berzerk troupe performed wearing the contestants’ make-up creations. All of the looks remained intact, but there were still a few glitches. According to the judges, newbie Eddie Holecko and season two’s Miranda Jory were the week’s top team. Jory was once again singled out for her brilliant application and was declared the winner. Schiro and Parkhurst found themselves on the bottom, with the judges noting that their creation didn’t look like an alien and featured a “crap” paint job and poorly executed scales. Upon hearing the critique, both girls burst into tears. In the end, Schiro was the one sent home.

EW spoke with Schiro about what it was like being back on the show, why she doesn’t blame Parkhurst for her elimination, and what she’s been working on since filming wrapped. READ FULL STORY

Who wears a fat suit, who borrows costumes, and more 'Mindy Project' style scoop

Dressing The Mindy Project‘s Mindy Lahiri is a costume designer’s dream —  the title character is a doctor, which means she can afford to fill her closet with designer labels, and the star who plays her is obsessed with all things fashion.

“I will be up at 1 in the morning and I’ll get an e-mail from Mindy that says, ‘Did you see this great outfit at ShopBop?’ She loves, loves, loves clothes,” says Salvador Perez (Pitch Perfect, Veronica Mars, Castle), who notes that costume fittings with Kaling — who is also the series creator — can last up to four hours. “In the real world, you don’t need to have ten new outfits a week, but the character does. [Kaling] gets to live out her fashion editor fantasies through the show.” As season two unfolds, Mindy’s wardrobe keeps pace with real-world fashion trends. “The character has a signature style, but as fashion has evolved, so has Mindy [Lahiri]’s look, because she’s constantly shopping. We’re working with what’s new on the market,” explains Perez, who was recently elected President of the Costume Designers Guild. The designer has also tweaked the character’s costumes to complement her short hair, which will soon grow back thanks to the magic of television. “Sadly…you won’t really be seeing that short hair anymore. I personally was a big fan of the short hair, it gave us a whole new way to dress her. We took away the layers and the collars, we did boat necklines, and we used pieces that showed off her beautiful neck. The wig showed that off, so I really played it up.”

Meanwhile, Perez says that Kaling isn’t the only Mindy Project star who gets caught up in the costumes. Chris Messina and Ed Weeks have been known to borrow an item or two from the wardrobe closet. “They love the clothes so much that they want to wear them out. It’s the highest compliment,” admits Perez. “A lot of times I’ll dress someone and they’ll say, ‘I would never wear that [in real life].’ I’m like, ‘We’re not asking you to wear it. We’re asking your character to wear it.’ When they want to borrow, it’s flattering. if they have parties or events, they’ll ask to borrow a suit.” Perez is happy to oblige, with one caveat: “I’ll [say], ‘As long as it comes back, please wear it with good health.'”

Click through the photo gallery to see what Perez says about using more doctor’s scrubs, working with guest stars like James Franco and Timothy Olyphant — and new series regular Adam Pally — and which actor wears a fat suit.


'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'I don't regret it at all'

Forget imitation, reinvention was the sincerest form of flattery on last night’s episode of Face Off. When horror hostess Elvira showed up to play guest judge, she challenged the nine remaining artists to update her iconic goth-meets-Valley-Girl image.

“I’m going to be looking for a hip, young, edgy take on my look,” Elvira told the contestants as she explained this week’s Foundation Challenge. Once the works were completed, Elvira singled out Roy Wooley (season three) and Tate Steinsiek (season one) for creating her favorites. The win — and immunity from elimination — went to Wooley for his purple, bat-themed Mistress of the Dark, which Elvira chose because it was a “combination of spooky, sexy, and funny.”

From there it was onto the Spotlight Challenge, where each contestant was tasked with inventing a character inspired by an art movement. With only half of the allotted time remaining, Steinsiek dropped his mold on his finger, which resulted in a bloody mess. The production team ordered him to stop working and go see a doctor, causing him to fret about being able to complete the challenge. Not to worry, the contestants worked together to keep the injured artist’s creation on track until he returned. When it came time to face the judges, newbie Laney Parkhurst, Miranda Jory (season two), and Laura Tyler (season three) had the week’s top looks, while Steinsiek and newbies Scott Ramp and Eddie Holecko were on the bottom.

In the end, Tyler was declared the winner and Ramp was sent home. Read on to find out what Ramp said about what he would have done differently, what he’s working on now, and whether he’d be up for coming back to Face Off as a veteran.  READ FULL STORY

'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'It was ridiculously unfair'

What’s in the box?!

At this week’s Face Off Foundation Challenge, the ten remaining contestants were each presented with a small package that contained a set of teeth. Guest judge Valli O’Reilly (Alice in Wonderland, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) advised the group that she wanted “to see a little bit of a human in the make-up,” and not to make their creations too “cartoon-y.” Season three’s Roy Wooley’s diseased reptile boy, was declared the winner and awarded immunity from elimination.

Next up was a Halloween-themed Spotlight Challenge. Each group was tasked with re-imagining creatures of the night based on classic Halloween characters like vampires, scary clowns, skeletons, and devils. The twist: Each creation had to include a special gimmick like a blood gag or LED lights.

Wooley’s lava devil and newbie Laney Parkhurst’s graphic clown were among the top looks, but ultimately season one’s Tate Steinsiek won for his “artistic and beautiful” skeleton. Meanwhile, season three’s Alana Schiro and newbies Scott Ramp and Lyma Millot wound up in the bottom. In the end, Millot was sent home due to her “lack of anatomical accuracy” and “odd sculptural decisions.”

Millot, who is currently in Mexico shooting a film, e-mailed us from set to address what it was like being a part of the show, what she would have done differently in her challenge, and what she’s been working on since filming wrapped. READ FULL STORY

Natalie Dormer on her 'Game of Thrones' costumes: 'My breasts don't naturally sit in that position.'

The medieval costumes on Game of Thrones are as epic as the story lines. And while visions of the bloody red wedding episode are still fresh in viewers’ heads, each characters’ intricate gowns and steel suits of armor are just as memorable. So it’s no surprise that the show racked up 16 Emmy nominations in categories like Outstanding Costumes, Outstanding Hairstyling, Outstanding Make-Up, Outstanding Prosthetic Make-up, and Outstanding Art Direction, which will be handed out at tonight’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

EW caught up with Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell, to find out what it’s like working with costume designer Michele Clapton and head hairstylist Kevin Alexander.

“There’s so much infrastructure in Margaery’s costumes because my breasts don’t naturally sit in that position,” said Dormer. “They’re incredibly made.” READ FULL STORY

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