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Face Off exit Q&A: 'I think that I deserved to go home this week'

A familiar face popped up on Face Off this week. Former judge Patrick Tatopoulos–a production designer for Pitch Black, Underworld, and Independence Day–stopped by for a motorcycle themed Foundation Challenge. The group was tasked with creating an original motorcycle racer based on the colorful vehicles that filled the room. The group excitedly got to work… and eventually the verdict was in. Tatopoulos ultimately chose Tanner White and Daran Holt as his top two favorites. However, there could only be one winner. Holt’s expertly executed creation wound up taking home top prize–immunity for this week’s the Spotlight Challenge.

From there, it was onto the main event where host McKenzie Westmore and judge Glenn Hetrick announced that the artists would work in pairs of their own choosing in order to create their own original rockstar. Using various electric guitars that filled the room, the group was prompted to create a musician that echoed the vibe of the guitar they selected.

The pairings included: Corinne Foster and Graham Schofield, George Schminky and Daran Holt, Tanner White and Chloe Sens, Cat Paschen and Niko Gonzalez, Rashaad Santiago and Tyler Green, and Tess Laeh and Matt Silva. Minor drama ensued, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. That’s excluding Laeh and Silva who had their work cut out for them. The duo had decided upon a rockabilly themed goat, but mentor Michael Westmore pointed out that their creation’s face didn’t really echo its concept. Upon hearing this, Laeh had a minor meltdown and could hardly be consoled. Silva initially gave her space, but–with limited time–the two eventually got back to work.

Judgement day came all too soon. Schminky and Holt and Santiago and Green’s creations wound up in the top, with Holt–no immunity win necessary–being named winner for his creation’s “fascinating head.” Meanwhile, White and Sens and Silva and Laeh found themselves in the bottom. Ultimately only Laeh was sent home for her part in a make-up which the judges said “lacked complexity.”

EW caught up with Laeh about what it was like being a part of the show, what she would have done differently in her challenge, and what she’s been working on since filming wrapped.


'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'I should not have been eliminated'

Dragons had their moment in the spotlight on this week’s Face Off… Host McKenzie Westmore brought the group to Malibu, CA’s Point Dume State Beach, where films like Planet of the Apes and Iron Man were once shot. The artists were then told they would be tasked with creating dragons for their first solo challenge. Shields that were damaged by different substances (from ice to tar) stood nearby. The contestants were told that each of their dragons had to breathe one of the substances represented. But that wasn’t the group’s biggest challenge. The 18 hour deadline was.

The artists quickly got to work… and just as quickly problems arose. During their first day in the lab, Tess Laeh struggled with symmetrical issues–having sculpted one side of her dragon’s face before the other. Chloe Sens’s seahorse-inspired dragon might have already proved to be a tad too ambitious. The multiple components set her back time wise. Conversely, the remainder of the artists–particularly Rashaad Santiago and Tyler Green–seemed to be right on track.

On fabrication day, Green found himself ahead of the rest of his competitors. He used his excess time to create wings and icicle horns for his vulture-esque dragon creation. Meanwhile, Santiago used the day to create a chest, back, arms, and wings. Elsewhere, many of the other contestants faced time management issues. Laeh was forced to cut one of her dragon’s legs off, a major setback since she now needed to better blend her sculpture. Elsewhere, Niko Gonzalez’s chest mold cracked, which forced him to airbrush his model instead. Meanwhile, Sens struggled to finish her sculpture in time with many of its elements–like her dragon’s chest and back–still incomplete by the end of the day. Once application day arrived, she did her best to troubleshoot, but–due to creative setbacks and time constraints–she left portions of her dragon unpainted. She worried that she’d be sent home.

Judgement day arrived. George Schminky, Green, and Santiago wound up with this week’s top looks. Green was singled out as this week’s winner for his ambitious final product. While Gonzalez, Laeh, and Daniel Phillips found themselves in the bottom, only Phillips was sent home. The judges felt he made “perplexing” decisions and that his make-up lacked dragon elements. (And they had a field day with his dragon’s floral robe.)

EW caught up with Phillips about what it was like being a part of the show, what he would have done differently in his challenge, the story behind that floral robe, and what he’s been working on since filming wrapped.


Kristen Stewart talks dry shampoo, Proactiv, and more of her beauty dos and don'ts

It’s safe to assume that Kristen Stewart would rather get a full body wax than talk about her beauty must-haves.

But the actress does exactly that in a Q&A published on New York magazine’s fashion blog The Cut.

Considering the fact that half of the questions posed by the writer have to do with the sense of smell — “How do you use scent as part of your acting process?” “What has surprised you about scent?” — one can assume that Stewart sat for the interview as part of her duties as the celebrity face of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica and Rosabotanica perfumes.

Read on to find out what’s on Stewart’s list of banned beauty products, how often she washes her hair, and why she always tries to look like she just rolled out of bed. READ FULL STORY

Johnny Depp to be honored by Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild

For Johnny Depp, the process of creating a larger-than-life character often involves spending hours in the make-up chair, a commitment that has earned the actor the Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild’s inaugural Distinguished Artisan Award.

If he shows up to the ceremony (to be held February 15th in L.A.) the Guild will pay homage to the actor’s talent for transformation in films like Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Depp’s longtime make-up artist Joel Harlow (The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Word’s End) will be on hand to present him with the award.

“Makeup and hair artisans agree that Johnny Depp is a wonderful selection to receive our first Distinguished Artisan Award,” Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild President Susan Cabral-Ebert said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “He, probably more than any other actor working today, uses the skills of our members to delineate his characters. Depp has constantly been an outstanding supporter of our crafts, ultimately respectful and appreciative of our members’ abilities and generous with his creative collaboration. A great artist himself, he allows others to shine.”

The Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild Awards — which returns after a ten-year hiatus — will also honor hairstylist Gail Ryan (How the Grinch Stole Christmas, 21 Grams) and special effects makeup designer Dick Smith (The Godfather, Amadeus) with Lifetime Achievement Awards and hand out trophies for outstanding achievements in motion pictures, television, commercials, and live theater in 2013.

See the full list of nominees for the Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild Awards below. READ FULL STORY

'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'I was pretty shocked'

This week’s Face Off challenge was out-of-this world. After traveling through a corn field maze, the fourteen remaining contestants found themselves standing in the middle of a crop circle and surrounded by suitcases.

Host McKenzie Westmore explained that inside the black cases were aerial photos of crop circles, each with “a dire message that an alien might have been trying to communicate.” Westmore broke the group up into teams of two, as randomly selected by the show. Various messages that had to be incorporated into their creations included: “We need water” (Corinne Foster & Niko Gonzalez), “Gravity changing” (Chloe Sens and Graham Schofield), “Polluted & toxic environment” (George Schminky and Bethany Serpico), “Our sun is dying” (Cat Paschen and Matt Silva), “We have ice caps melting” (Tanner White and Daran Holt), “Overcome with disease” (Daniel Phillips and Tess Laeh), and “Global famine” (Tyler Green and Rashaad Santiago). “Make sure the judges see evidence of your alien’s dire circumstances in your make-up,” advised Westmore.

After the design phase, the artists jumped right into sculpting. Though things didn’t go smoothly for everyone. Nearly immediately, Paschen and Silva butted heads. Paschen said she felt that she and Silva hadn’t settled on a clear design in advance of the lab. They fine-tuned their tribal, African-inspired life form, but kept changing their vision along the way–losing time in the process. “I don’t want it to look too elephant-y,” she told Silva, who patiently listened to her feedback. Paschen was unhappy with its ears and face. For his part, Silva seemed flustered and told the cameras they were having difficulty communicating. Midway through, mentor Michael Westmore stopped by and provided everyone with feedback–though Silva ultimately went against his advice and painted his creation a tad darker than recommended.

Elsewhere, Sens and Schofield had their own struggles ahead. By day two, Sens battled a case of indecision. Schofield said he didn’t want to rush her, but she still hadn’t finished sculpting the face–setting them back time wise. Schofield acknowledged that her indecision made him nervous. Meanwhile, on application day, Schminky and Serpico discovered their cowl was ripped in the middle. They found a way to mask it, but it was still a major setback for the duo.

Eventually, judgement day arrived. Writer/director/producer Scott Stewart (Priest, Dark Skies. Legion, Syfy’s Defiance) was introduced as a guest judge, then it was time to face the panel. Foster and Gonzalez were named the top team with Foster singled out as the challenge winner for being–who the judges felt was–the driving force behind it. Meanwhile, Paschen & Silva found themselves in the bottom with Paschen declaring, “I didn’t agree with some of the painting decisions.” The judges said it was a solid concept, but thought it was lacked in terms of sculptural details and its paint job. Schminky and Serpico also faced the chopping block. The judges said their alien looked great from a distance, but that it lacked close up.

Ultimately, Serpico was sent home after the panel attributed her alien’s weak facial sculpture solely to her. She fought back tears as she left the stage.

EW caught up with Serpico about what it was like being a part of the show, what she would have done differently in her challenge, and what she’s been working on since filming wrapped.


'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'I never saw it coming'

“This is going to be a season of extremes,” announced host McKenzie Westmore on Face Off‘s premiere episode, where viewers got their first look at this season’s competitors. From Rashaad Santiago, a self-taught artist who currently supports his family by working at a fast food restaurant, to Tyler Green, who quit his job as a dental lab technician to compete, the season is chock full of contestants who are in it to win it.

After brief introductions, we watched the group get down to business for their first Foundation Challenge. The artists were instructed to create an extreme character that represented them. The only catch was that they had to incorporate one of the over-the-top wigs on display. The winner would receive immunity and be safe from the first week of elimination.

Academy Award winning make-up artist Tami Lane (Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) guest judged the challenge. “In order to create a cohesive character, you have to have good make-up as well as good hair. They both work together,” she advised. “You will destroy a character if the make-up is bad and the hair or great or vice versa.” No arguments there. Two hours later, she named Bethany Serpico and George Schminky her two favorites; though ultimately only Schminky was granted immunity for creating an unexpected prosthetic chest.

Next the group was whisked off to a castle where they were presented with a Beauty & the Beast inspired Spotlight Challenge. Teams of two were assigned by Westmore. Schminky, the odd man out, joined a duo of his choosing. Meanwhile, writer/producer/director Stephen Sommers (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, The Mummy franchise) joined as guest judge and advised the artists to create a beast that was both scary and sexy, “so that when Belle kisses him at the end, we can’t be repulsed.”

Things began smoothly, but on day two the contestants ran into various molding issues and minor tension filled the air. Rashad Santiago and Chloe Sens chipped slowly away at their stuck mold while Tess Laeh fought back tears after experiencing her own molding setback with partner Niko Gonzalez.

Elimination day eventually arrived. Everyone frantically put the finishing touches on their creations and then waited patiently for the judges’ feedback.

The verdict? Santiago and Sens’ creation was the judges’ top pick–with Sens singled out for her detailed sculpture, one of the most complex first week make-ups the judges said they’d ever seen.

Conversely, Bethany Serpico and Tyler Green landed in the bottom alongside Margaret Caragan and Matthew Silva. Though only one contestant would be sent home… Ultimately Caragan found herself on the chopping block for creating a make-up that–the judges said–wasn’t sexy or scary and lacked detail with a bland paint scheme. Caragan looked stoic, but faced the facts.

EW caught up with Caragan about what it was like being a part of the show, what she would have done differently in her challenge, and what she’s been working on since filming wrapped.


'Lone Ranger,' 'Walking Dead' score nominations for Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards

Leading up to Thursday’s Oscar nominations, the nominees for the 2014 Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards were announced on Tuesday.

The awards, scheduled to take place in L.A. on February 15, recognize make-up artists and hair stylists in 14 categories covering film, television, commercials, and theater. It is the first time they have been held since 2003.

Among the nominees in the category of Best Period and/or Character Hairstyling and Best Period and/or Character Make-Up is Disney’s summer box office flop The Lone Ranger, which has also earned a Razzie nomination for worst picture and a spot on the shortlist for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ shortlist for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Among the standouts in the TV categories are Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Boardwalk Empire.

See the full list of nominees below. READ FULL STORY

Makeup Artist Ve Neill on the 'Face Off' premiere and working on 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay'

Season six of the reality makeup competition series Face Off premieres tonight, and Syfy is billing it as the “boldest and most extreme season to date.”

We caught up with one of the show’s judges, makeup artist Ve Neill, to find out what to expect.

“Everybody is going to be really surprised. I think we have some amazing artists this year,” said Neill, who called in from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay set — she’s served as makeup department head for all of the Hunger Games movie adaptations — in Georgia. “So many of the artists knocked it out of the park. They did incredible creations, far beyond anything we’ve seen before on the show. It’s going to be a great season.” The newest crop of Face Off contestants are competing for $100,000 in cash, a VIP vacation from sponsor Kryolan Professional Make-Up, and a 2014 Fiat.

Now that she’s wrapped filming Face Off, Neill told EW that she’s consumed with work on the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. “It’s going to be pretty spectacular. Julianne Moore is on with us now as President Coin and she’s great. We have quite a few new characters who’ve joined us,” she hinted. “They’re all wonderful to work with. Jennifer [Lawrence] and Josh [Hutcherson] are absolute dolls. It’s nice to have a group of actors who enjoy coming to work.”

Read on to see what else the makeup artist had to say about the new season of Face Off and the next installment of The Hunger Games.

Golden Globes: Did Elisabeth Moss put an end to the E! red carpet Mani Cam?

Did Elisabeth Moss’ one finger salute put an end to the E! red carpet Mani Cam?

After successfully rolling out the Glam Cam 360 and the Stiletto Cam, E! upped the ante on their total body coverage with the debut of the Mani Cam at the 2012 Emmys. Inspired by Zooey Deschanel’s quirky nail art, the high-tech diorama was designed to offer an extreme close-up of stars’ manicures against the backdrop of a scaled-down E!-branded step and repeat.

But after Elisabeth Moss gave the camera a well-polished one finger salute at last night’s Golden Globes, some wondered if this was the end of the Mani Cam.

After Giuliana Rancic encouraged the Golden Globe nominee to stick her digits in the box, Moss hesitated. “I did this last time. There’s something I wanted to do last time, but I’m not going to do it,” she said. Rancic’s reply; “Do it! C’mon, do it! This is E! We’re in 160 countries!”

So Moss flipped the bird, causing Rancic and the E! team to fly into a minor red carpet panic. Now that the actress had demonstrated that the Mani Cam was the perfect platform for vulgar hand signs, would E! have to shut it down? READ FULL STORY

Who had the wildest facial hair at the Golden Globes? -- POLL

While it’s safe to assume that many of the female stars at tonight’s Golden Globes had every stray hair waxed or plucked before setting foot on the red carpet, the guys were obviously comfortable with letting it all grow out.

But in a sea of goatees — Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, Don Cheadle, U2’s The Edge — four men stood out thanks to their crazy beards.

“I waxed my entire body,” Jared Leto told the audience when he accepted the Globe for his performance in Dallas Buyers’ Club. “I’m just lucky it wasn’t a period piece so I didn’t have to do full Brazilian.” So Leto gets a pass for growing out his beard — not to mention his man bun updo — but what were the stories behind the untamed facial hairstyles sported by Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Fassbender, and Adam Scott?

Who knows, but let’s decide who had the wildest whiskers. Cast your vote in the poll below. READ FULL STORY

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