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Gift of the Day: Capitol Couture honeycomb-print jacket and leggings


Not sure what to get the pop culture geek in your life this holiday season? PopStyle is here to help! From the hottest gadgets to the oddest collectibles, we’re rounding up the best gifts in movies, music, TV, books, and more with our Gift of the Day.

Trish Summerville really kicked up the Capitol’s style quotient when she was hired to design the costumes for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Fashion may be an ugly business in Panem, but the Hunger Games inspired clothing line that Summerville created for Net-A-Porter is all splendor.

The Capitol Couture line includes everything from a laser-cut patent leather dress to a silver bow-and-arrow ear cuff, but there’s also something for the Hunger Games fan who hits the gym like her life depends on it. READ FULL STORY

Gift of the Day: The 'Hunger Games' chocolate library


Not sure what to get the pop culture geek in your life this holiday season? PopStyle is here to help! From the hottest gadgets to the oddest collectibles, we’re rounding up the best gifts in movies, music, TV, books, and more with our Gift of the Day.

Man cannot live on bread alone… especially if he has a sweet tooth.

Take a tasting tour of Panem with the Vosges Hunger Games chocolate library, a collection of 12 gourmet chocolate bars inspired by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Each bar represents the industry of one of Panem’s 12 districts — including lumber, livestock, and fishing — using a mix of familiar flavors like coconut and caramel and strange and exotic ingredients like smoked mesquite, vanilla hemp seeds, and beef jerky.  READ FULL STORY

'Catching Fire': Meet the jeweler who created Peeta's necklace and the Mockingjay pin

Peeta’s necklace plays an important role in Catching Fire and so does Dana Schneider, the jewelry designer who created it.

Though she’d provided pieces for the first installment of the Hunger Games movie franchise and has collaborated with Catching Fire costume designer Trish Summerville on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Ray Donovan, Schneider — whose jewelry designs have also been seen in movies like Elektra, X-Men II, and Man of Steel — still did her Hunger Games homework before pitching herself for Catching Fire. “I had read all of the books. When I met with [Trish] I knew which specific pieces had to be in the film,” Schneider told EW.

“I knew Peeta’s necklace was going to be pretty prominent, and it’s hard to make a locket that looks masculine. I got this idea about how the case would flip off and reveal this folding inside. I knew the special effects people could put in CGI images on the locket, so I tried to focus on the silhouette and how it functioned,” Schneider explained. “The first thing I made was a little taped-together cardboard locket that I showed Trish. She liked how it functioned, so then [I began] making it in metal. It was an organic, evolving process.” The jewelry designer spent three weeks crafting a metal prototype to show Summerville and director Francis Lawrence. Once she’d gotten the thumbs up, Schneider created three functioning lockets for Josh Hutcherson, and three replicas for the actor’s body and stunt doubles. “The prop department also made a ‘soft stunt piece’ without hard edges for the heavier stunts,” she explained.

Schneider said she used the same strategy to create the iconic Mockingjay pin for the first Hunger Games movie, a design she tweaked for Catching Fire. “I was able to refine how I made the arrow and the piece itself. It was nice to have the opportunity to streamline it a little bit more for this one.” How does she keep track of the precious pins, which would make great mementos or fetch top dollar on the collectibles market? READ FULL STORY

'Catching Fire': Stanley Tucci on the inspirations (George Hamilton meets Karl Lagerfeld) behind Caesar Flickerman's look


The return of Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire offers us another chance to marvel at the transformation of costar Stanley Tucci.

Listen to Tucci dissect his look for Entertainment Weekly editor Jess Cagle on EW Radio — from the tan to the surgical-tape facelift, and the prosthetic nose that (sadly) didn’t work — after the jump. READ FULL STORY

'Catching Fire': The 10 worst 'Hunger Games' products on the market

While impatiently awaiting the premiere of Trish Summerville’s Capitol Couture collection — oh yeah, and Catching Fire — there is no shortage of Hunger Games merchandise to peruse.

From girl on fire dresses to Mellark Bakery aprons, retailers alike peddling a cornucopia of official and unofficial clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more.

But there’s plenty of crappy stuff that even shopping addict Effie Trinket wouldn’t buy.

Click through our gallery to see 10 of the worst Hunger Games-inspired products on the market.  READ FULL STORY

Couture or Cray-Cray: Jennifer Lawrence's see-through dress -- POLL

Jennifer Lawrence moonlights as the face of Miss Dior handbags, which is why she’s often seen wearing the French label on the red carpet.

During the awards season run up to her Oscar win for Best Actress earlier this year, Lawrence narrowly avoided a wardrobe malfunction — a clothes call? — when the layers of her Dior gown went all askew at the 2013 SAG Awards. (A rep for the fashion house claimed it was all just an illusion.)

The actress chose to wear Christian Dior again for last night’s Hollywood premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Los Angeles, and the frock caused quite a ruckus. Though the grey knitted evening gown — from Dior’s fall 2013 couture collection — was completely sheer, Lawrence, unlike the runway model, wore a black bodysuit underneath to avoid full frontal exposure. She accessorized the peek-a-boo dress with Brian Atwood platform sandals, a Roger Vivier clutch, jewelry from Anita Ko, and her new cropped pixie hairstyle.

Do you think Lawrence’s look is fashionably cool or just plain cray-cray? Cast your vote after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Catching Fire: 'The Hunger Games' gets a wardrobe makeover

Costume designer Trish Summerville really kicked up the Capitol’s fashion quotient for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

“The first and second movies are so vastly different. The fashion of the Capitol changes,” explains Summerville who was brought in by director Francis Lawrence to amp up the style for the second film in the franchise. “These are people who have money. They’re mass consumers of luxury and fashion.” Fashion may be an ugly business in Panem, but the Catching Fire characters’ ensembles — a mix of ready-to-wear pieces borrowed from designers like Alexander McQueen and original creations by Summerville — are nothing short of sartorial splendor. Fans of Summerville’s work will even be able to buy a piece of Catching Fire inspired fashion when Net-a-Porter.com launches the Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville collection on November 21.

For Summerville, taking the reins from Judianna Makovsky, who designed the costumes for the first Hunger Games movie, also meant taking on the responsibility to stay true to both the vision outlined by author Suzanne Collins and meeting the expectations of fans. “I wanted to be respectful to all these people who had spent all their time creating this world and environment. There were certain liberties we had to take that kept the same idea but [were more] functional for an actor compared to what you would have in just [your] imagination,” the designer says. “One thing we changed was the Games costumes. In the book, they’re sheer blue jumpsuits and it doesn’t really describe what they have underneath. When I was reading through fan sites to see what fans want to see those costumes had never come up [so I knew we had more freedom]. Suzanne created this world so I wanted to see what she was fine with…. She was great about it.”

Click through the gallery for a sneak peek at the updated looks of Katniss, Effie, and more Catching Fire characters.


'Hunger Games'-inspired luxury clothing collection to launch this fall

Fans of Capitol Couture will soon be able to shop for outfits inspired by Katniss, Effie and more of the well-dressed characters from The Hunger Games.

This morning, Lionsgate and luxury shopping site Net-a-Porter announced their “fashion partnership,” which will oversee the launch of a clothing and accessories collection created by Catching Fire costume designer Trish Summerville.  READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games': New issue of 'Capitol Couture' with cover star Johanna arrives online

The most stylish marketing campaign for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire continues with the summer issue of Capitol Couture.

Cover star Johanna Mason (Jena Malone) is a glamour girl with a fancy updo and elaborate eye makeup. In the accompanying feature, Mason is described as hailing from the lumber district, but “this slip of a victor is anything but green.  Don’t be swayed by her cinnamon sprinkle of freckles and delicate, doll-like features. She was one of the youngest tributes ever reaped in Hunger Games history and her agility with an axe resonates throughout Panem. Sly. Savage. Sangfroid. These are just a few of the adjectives tossed around to describe Mason, who’s known for disarming her victims by feigning weakness.”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire costume Q&A with Trish Summerville

From hackers to Hollywood, Trish Summerville is one of the edgiest, most ambitious costume designers in the industry.

Having made a name for herself as a celebrity stylist for artists like Christina Aguilera and Pink, Summerville transitioned in costume design in 1996, working as an assistant on films like The Long Kiss Goodnight and the David Fincher thriller The Game. In 2011 Summerville got her big break when Fincher chose her to head up the wardrobe department on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — a job that led to a deal with Swedish retailer H&M for a clothing collection based on the look of female protagonist Lisbeth Salander.

Most recently, Summerville created the wardrobe for Showtime’s Ray Donovan and took on the task of pulling together the couture-inspired costumes for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. EW sat down with the designer to ask her about what’s on her inspiration board, her favorite Catching Fire costume, and the look that launched her career.

Entertainment Weekly: How have the past 18 months or so been for you?
Trish Summerville: [It’s] been a little hectic. I guess I kind of went from Dragon, which I was on from start to finish — including the H&M line — almost 18 months, and from that right into doing the pilot for the Showtime show Ray Donovan, which I just got to see. They had a screening and a premiere, and it was a great time. It looks really good. I’m really excited. And I kind of went from that into Catching Fire. It’s been great, it’s been a lot of work but I like to work a lot, so it’s been really nice. It’s been a really great whirlwind and I feel really, really fortunate because the last few projects that I’ve been on, even though they’ve been a bit challenging at times, I feel really fulfilled, and I’ve gotten to work with such a great group of people. Especially when you look at all of the directors and actors involved.  READ FULL STORY

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