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Kim Kardashian Instagrams baby North West's new designer wardrobe

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren’t just taking Paris Fashion Week by storm, they’re also collecting a mountain of baby clothes from designer labels like Lanvin, Givenchy, and Alexander Wang.

This morning, Kardashian took inventory of the luxury togs on Instagram, posting photos of items like a ruffled tulle dress (which retails for $495), a monogrammed Maison Martin Margiela lab coat, and a custom-made Bambi T-shirt.

Click on to see baby Nori’s most stylish scores. READ FULL STORY

Who wears a fat suit, who borrows costumes, and more 'Mindy Project' style scoop

Dressing The Mindy Project‘s Mindy Lahiri is a costume designer’s dream —  the title character is a doctor, which means she can afford to fill her closet with designer labels, and the star who plays her is obsessed with all things fashion.

“I will be up at 1 in the morning and I’ll get an e-mail from Mindy that says, ‘Did you see this great outfit at ShopBop?’ She loves, loves, loves clothes,” says Salvador Perez (Pitch Perfect, Veronica Mars, Castle), who notes that costume fittings with Kaling — who is also the series creator — can last up to four hours. “In the real world, you don’t need to have ten new outfits a week, but the character does. [Kaling] gets to live out her fashion editor fantasies through the show.” As season two unfolds, Mindy’s wardrobe keeps pace with real-world fashion trends. “The character has a signature style, but as fashion has evolved, so has Mindy [Lahiri]’s look, because she’s constantly shopping. We’re working with what’s new on the market,” explains Perez, who was recently elected President of the Costume Designers Guild. The designer has also tweaked the character’s costumes to complement her short hair, which will soon grow back thanks to the magic of television. “Sadly…you won’t really be seeing that short hair anymore. I personally was a big fan of the short hair, it gave us a whole new way to dress her. We took away the layers and the collars, we did boat necklines, and we used pieces that showed off her beautiful neck. The wig showed that off, so I really played it up.”

Meanwhile, Perez says that Kaling isn’t the only Mindy Project star who gets caught up in the costumes. Chris Messina and Ed Weeks have been known to borrow an item or two from the wardrobe closet. “They love the clothes so much that they want to wear them out. It’s the highest compliment,” admits Perez. “A lot of times I’ll dress someone and they’ll say, ‘I would never wear that [in real life].’ I’m like, ‘We’re not asking you to wear it. We’re asking your character to wear it.’ When they want to borrow, it’s flattering. if they have parties or events, they’ll ask to borrow a suit.” Perez is happy to oblige, with one caveat: “I’ll [say], ‘As long as it comes back, please wear it with good health.'”

Click through the photo gallery to see what Perez says about using more doctor’s scrubs, working with guest stars like James Franco and Timothy Olyphant — and new series regular Adam Pally — and which actor wears a fat suit.


Bravo sets premiere date for Rihanna's 'Styled to Rock'

A premiere date has been set for Rihanna’s fashion competition series, Styled to Rock.

Originally slated to air on the now defunct Style Network, the series will premiere Friday, Oct. 25 at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo. Executive produced by Rihanna, the show will see 12 aspiring designers face off in weekly challenges, each tailored to a celebrity guest. Only half will earn the opportunity to actually show their design to the star guest, while the other half will face elimination.

Pharrell Williams, model Erin Wasson, and Rihanna’s stylist ,Mel Ottenberg, will serve as mentors to the contestants, while the celebrity guest list includes Miley Cyrus, Carly Rae Jepsen, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Osbourne, Kid Cudi, The Band Perry, Ne-Yo, Big Sean, and Nervo.

Considering the cash and prizes the winner will receive, viewers can expect some fierce competition. READ FULL STORY

'Masters of Sex' wardrobe designer on the show's come-hither costumes

You might think there wouldn’t be much clothing on a show called Masters of Sex, but wardrobe designer Ane Crabtree says there are plenty of period costumes to be seen. Based on Thomas Maier’s biography Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Showtime series — which follows human sexuality researchers Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) — is set in St. Louis, Missouri in 1958.

“The crazy thing is that it’s all true, and it’s way crazier than anything you could make up,” says Crabtree. “But what’s also interesting is how do you peel away the layers — figuratively and literally — visually… to get to the bottom of the character. You’re seeing [the characters] unpeeling, getting dressed, their reluctance to get undressed. All of it tells the story.”

Crabtree referenced old issues of Harper’s Bazaar when creating the wardrobe for the female leads and, to her surprise, some of the looks were familiar. “You [see women] wearing the same thing today,” she explains of how the costumes resemble today’s real-world fashion trends. “If you didn’t have the 50’s hair and the 50’s make-up and the pointy bra, you could wear [the wardrobe] now. It [looks like] J. Crew or Zara, but with different shoes and accessories.”

Read on to learn more about the show’s sexy undergarments, subject matter, and how its wardrobe evolved from real-life to on-screen. READ FULL STORY

Style Hunter: Everything Olivia Pope is wearing in the 'Scandal' sneak peek clip

Olivia Pope’s life may be unravelling, but you’d never know it by looking at her threads.

In a sneak peek clip from the season three premiere of Scandal, D.C.’s most fashionable fixer wears a muted outfit that is the perfect contrast to the intensity of the situation she finds herself in.

We got the head-to-toe rundown on Olivia’s look — we warn you, it’s not cheap being Olivia Pope — from Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo, who will help launch a special fashion partnership between the ABC series and retail giant Saks Fifth Avenue next week.  Read on for all the details.


Blake Lively's new business, NY Times (sort of) calls Lena Dunham fat, and more

Is Blake Lively launching her own version of GOOP? Did the New York Times call Lena Dunham fat? Which late rock star’s home just hit the market for almost 10 times its value?

Read on for the answers to these questions and more of today’s style and design headlines.  READ FULL STORY

'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'I don't regret it at all'

Forget imitation, reinvention was the sincerest form of flattery on last night’s episode of Face Off. When horror hostess Elvira showed up to play guest judge, she challenged the nine remaining artists to update her iconic goth-meets-Valley-Girl image.

“I’m going to be looking for a hip, young, edgy take on my look,” Elvira told the contestants as she explained this week’s Foundation Challenge. Once the works were completed, Elvira singled out Roy Wooley (season three) and Tate Steinsiek (season one) for creating her favorites. The win — and immunity from elimination — went to Wooley for his purple, bat-themed Mistress of the Dark, which Elvira chose because it was a “combination of spooky, sexy, and funny.”

From there it was onto the Spotlight Challenge, where each contestant was tasked with inventing a character inspired by an art movement. With only half of the allotted time remaining, Steinsiek dropped his mold on his finger, which resulted in a bloody mess. The production team ordered him to stop working and go see a doctor, causing him to fret about being able to complete the challenge. Not to worry, the contestants worked together to keep the injured artist’s creation on track until he returned. When it came time to face the judges, newbie Laney Parkhurst, Miranda Jory (season two), and Laura Tyler (season three) had the week’s top looks, while Steinsiek and newbies Scott Ramp and Eddie Holecko were on the bottom.

In the end, Tyler was declared the winner and Ramp was sent home. Read on to find out what Ramp said about what he would have done differently, what he’s working on now, and whether he’d be up for coming back to Face Off as a veteran.  READ FULL STORY

The New Atlanta's Emily Lipman on following in Kim Kardashian's (retail) footsteps

Is The New Atlanta‘s Emily Lipman the next Kim Kardashian? The newly minted Bravo star certainly hopes so.

“I absolutely admire Kim. Hopefully Raw Denim will be just like DASH,” said the Atlanta native, who hopes her new reality series will mean increased business for her clothing boutique the way Keeping up With the Kardashians helped Kardashian and sisters Kourtney and Khloe expand their chain of retail stores. But unlike the Kardashians, Lipman prefers to run things on her own. “When I opened three years ago, I opened with a business partner and that turned to dirt.”

Raw Denim opened in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta in November 2010, but Lipman recently moved the store to the city’s Midtown area. “I designed everything myself. My style is absolutely in my store — west coast meets country rocker. I’m loud, I’m southern, but I like the West Coast look,” said the entrepreneur, who also plans to design under her own label. “I eventually want to create my own clothing line and sell it in my shop.”

Plenty of other Bravolebrities have set out to build a fashion empire, but while Lipman said she’s a big fan of shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she’s quick to add that she’s not exactly modeling her business after those who have gone before her.  READ FULL STORY

Gilt City selling CW 'Originals' vampire-inspired blood juice cleanse

The juice cleanse craze has hit a new level. Today, Gilt City began offering a vampire-inspired “Blood Cleanse” tied to the CW network’s new series The Originals.

In anticipation of The Vampire Diaries spinoff, Joulebody created a three-day cleanse that promises to “make you feel like you could live forever,” and “keep you on the prowl morning through the night.”

There isn’t any actual blood in there. In fact, unlike the Mikaelson’s  — “the original vampire family of New Orleans” — diet, these liquid meals are vegan.   READ FULL STORY

The Mindy Project's Salvador Perez named president of the Costume Designers Guild

The Mindy Project costume designer Salvador Perez- has been elected President of the Costume Designers Guild, it was announced yesterday.

Perez — also known for his work on Castle, Veronica Mars, and the 2012’s Pitch Perfect —  has been a Guild member for 18 years, previously serving as the organization’s vice president and head of the member directory. He currently oversees the CDG’s website. Perez succeeds Mary Rose (Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, T.J. Hooker) who was elected president in 2007.

“The way women wear and buy designer clothes now is so different from women in the ’50s and ’60s,” Perez, who designed Lindsay Lohan’s wardrobe for the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, told EW last year. “Elizabeth Taylor didn’t go to Vera Wang to have her wedding dress [for her marriage to Richard Burton] made, she went to her [favorite] film costume designer.”   READ FULL STORY

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