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Sneak Peek: The 'Grey's Anatomy' 200th episode gala

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital trade their scrubs for formal attire when they attend a glitzy fundraising gala on the 200th episode Grey’s Anatomy (tonight at 9pm EST on ABC).

“It’s a feast for the eyes. It pulls us out of the standard Grey’s [where] sometimes you’re on the edge of your chair hoping someone will survive. It’s colorful and full of movement,” costume designer Mimi Melgaard told EW. “The fans will like seeing their favorite character doing something different and being in a different environment dressed up. Who doesn’t like to see someone dressed up?” How did Melgaard prepare the characters for the rare black tie moment? After reading the script and talking with the series’ creator Shonda Rhimes, the designer and her wardrobe team went shopping. “I’ve known most of these characters for ten seasons. I considered, ‘What would they buy?'” Melgaard explained. “I stayed true to the characters, but it also had this lightness to it. It was different since it was such a monumental time in our show.” Melgaard said the cast members also enjoyed the experience. “I think everybody really loved their dresses. There were other dresses from the fittings [that didn’t end up on the episode] that several of the actresses ended up buying for themselves.”

What will happen to the gowns and tuxes when the party is over? “It’s all under lock and key right here [on the set]. You never know when we’re going to do a flashback,” Melgaard explained. “We also have occasions where somebody needs a tuxedo. So the boys’ tuxes can get used again. [There are] big walk-in closets for each character.”

Click through the gallery to see what Meredith, Derek, Callie and more characters will be wearing on tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


'Scandal': The obsession with all things Olivia Pope

Scandal fans aren’t just obsessed with what’s in Olivia Pope’s closet.

Gladiators want to know every detail of the character’s look and lifestyle — from her signature nail polish color to where she bought those fishbowl wine glasses — and they’re getting it thanks to a slew of as-seen-on-TV blogs and Scandal-inspired fashion and beauty stories.

Read on for the rundown of the best sources for intel on Olivia Pope’s hairstyle, skincare regimen, and even her home decor.


'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'This was a chance to play the game the right way'

On this week’s episode of Face Off, the remaining contestants looked to a higher power to find inspiration for the challenge. Host McKenzie Westmore and judge Glenn Hetrick met the group at L.A.’s St. Brendan Catholic Church — which has been used as a filming location for movies like Spiderman 3, Armageddon, and Fight Club — to tell them that they would create characters based on the biblical scenes depicted in the building’s stained glass windows.

Each contestant was then assigned one of the seven deadly sins and asked to incorporate the color associated with their sin into their makeup. “It’s so important to define the exact essence of that word before you start designing,” advised Hetrick. “I challenge you to bring it to life while trying to avoid the obvious.”

Day one went smoothly as everyone started to bring their ideas to life. Frank Ippolito joked that his gluttonous creation was inspired by “fat people” and began by crafting a huge fat suit, hoping that the ambitious scale of his design would distract from the fact that the words “gluttony” and “fat” aren’t synonymous. On day two, emotions ran high. Miranda Jory appeared panic-stricken, turning to her fellow competitors for help and butting heads with Ippolito. On day three, after the finishing touches were applied, it was on to judging. Writer/producer Bryan Fuller (Star Trek: Voyager, Heroes, Hannibal) joined the panel as this week’s guest. Jory and Tate Steinsiek wound up with the week’s top looks and Steinsiek’s creepy sloth was declared the winning look. Ippolito and Roy Wooley found themselves on the chopping block, but it was Ippolito who was sent home for failing to stick to the concept and ignoring the instructions.

EW spoke with Ippolito about what it was like being back on the show, what he would have done differently in his challenge, and what he’s been working on since filming wrapped.


'Law & Order: SVU': See Bensidy's new apartment -- EXCLUSIVE

Detective Olivia Benson had a rough go of it on the season 15 premiere of Law & Order: SVU, but tonight’s episode represents a new era for the detective as she moves in with longtime love Brian Cassidy.

SVU set decorator Deborah Moses gave EW a tour of Bensidy’s new love nest.

“[Olivia is] looking for a new life, a new start,” Moses said of the “clean and crisp” apartment, created by production designer Dean Taucher. “The space is new and airy with big windows, a high ceiling, and a great view.” The couple’s one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath apartment is decorated with furniture and accessories from home brands like Restoration Hardware, West Elm, and CB2. The kitchen (pictured above) features IKEA cabinets, a Frigidaire refrigerator, a Keurig single cup coffee maker, glassware from Lenox, and plates from the Ralph Lauren Home label, which begs the question; Given detective Benson’s busy, high-stress life, can we expect to see her whipping up home cooked meals for her man? “I’m assuming it will mostly be Chinese takeout in that fridge,” said Moses. “And maybe some condiments.”

Read on to learn which character tries to incorporate a cattle skull into the décor, why the pad is bigger than the average New York City apartment, and what SVU star Mariska Hargitay thinks of Benson’s new digs.


Oprah Winfrey to auction off antiques, art, and more items from her home

Want to own a few of Oprah’s favorite things? Next month, Winfrey will auction off furniture, antiques, and fine art from her 23,000-square-foot Montecito mansion — which is currently undergoing a major interior redesign — and her homes in Chicago, Maui, and Indiana.

Among the items from The Oprah Winfrey Collection that will go on the block: a collection of English George Smith upholstered furniture, an 18th century Louis XVI chest with an estimated value of between $30,000 and $50,000, and a set of embroidered yellow silk Louis XV armchairs worth between $20,000 and $40,000. Kaminski Auctions will host the event on November 2 at the Santa Barbara Polo Club and Racquet Club in Carpinteria, California. Though free general admission is available, a $100 VIP package guarantees you a reserved seat, a ticket to preview the items, and a catalog containing photos of the lots.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation College Fund, which is dedicated to helping female graduates from the media mogul’s South African school attend college.

This isn’t the first time Winfrey has put her hand-me-downs up for sale.  READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' star Candice Accola on Caroline's budget-friendly wardrobe

While Elena spent her summer vacation between the sheets with Damon, Caroline was busy designing the color palette for the girls’ college dorm room. Their cavernous, romantically lit living space isn’t exactly based on reality — where are the cinder block walls and fluorescent lights? —  but even though Caroline and Elena have matriculated at Whitmore, so far they’ve stayed true to their signature styles.

“What I love about the wardrobe on The Vampire Diaries is that it’s hip, youthful, fun, and flirty, but it’s also true to the idea of keeping these characters in a small town,” says Candice Accola, who plays Caroline. The former Miss Mystic Falls often wears baby doll tops and denim jackets from affordable brands like Guess, Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.  “[The characters] aren’t walking around in designer duds all the time. We’re still on trend, but they’re more wearable trends than [you see on] other shows.” The clothes aren’t just wearable, they’re covetable. Fashion-obsessed Vampire Diaries fans turn to sites like Worn On TV, Possesionista, Shop Your TV, and TVD Style to track down clothes and accessories they’ve seen on the show.

Read on to see what Accola says about her character’s taste in clothes,  why the L.A.-based actress has had to learn how to dress for cold climates, and where you can find wardrobe pieces worn by Caroline and Elena in the season five premiere episode.


'House of Versace' costume designer on Gina Gershon's dramatic transformation

Gina Gershon had big stilettos to fill to play fashion designer Donatella Versace in Lifetime’s biopic House of Versace. Luckily, the actress had costume designer Claire Nadon to help her create the look of the fashion icon.

“It was one of the best productions I’ve worked on in my life,” says Nadon. “It’s so rare that you have an occasion to do a film about clothing and garments and fashion. Usually, it’s such a complimentary aspect of the film, but fashion was the core [of this movie].” Still, the process wasn’t an easy one. With just three weeks of prep time, Nadon worked with two assistants, three tailors, and four on-set associates to quickly pull together the colorful wardrobe, which consisted of both custom-made items and authentic vintage Versace pieces.

The Italian luxury label was not involved with the production — which follows Donatella Versace’s struggle to keep her murdered brother Gianni’s fashion empire afloat while battling drug addiction — but Nadon insists, “It does show the spirit of the fashion house and the period. I would love it if [the family and company] would think that [the fashion] could be authentic, but I don’t mistake myself. I know we didn’t have the time or the budget or the actual real fabric that they had. But if people have the feeling of, ‘I know that period and it does portray that,’ I would be very pleased.”

Click through the gallery to see what Nadon says about actress Gina Gershon’s dramatic transformation, the best place to find vintage Versace pieces, and which actress wore her own personal wardrobe on-screen.


'Face Off' exit Q&A: 'We all have our off days'

The Spotlight Challenge on this week’s episode of Face Off can be summed up in five words; “dark, sexy alien circus performers.”

After a performance from vaudeville circus act Cirque Berzerk, co-founder and artistic director Suzanne Bernel advised the contestants to create a make-up that would stay intact as the wearer performed acrobatics. The group then learned that — surprise, surprise — members of the Cirque Berzerk troupe would be their models. The eight remaining contestants split off into teams of two. One team masterminded an intergalactic Wonder Woman, while another settled on an other-worldly contortionist. While most of the duos worked well together, season three’s Alana Schiro and newcomer Laney Parkhurst butted heads. Parkhurst complained, “Alana isn’t liking anything I’m doing,” while Schiro worried that her “bad edges” were going to get her sent home…again. The pair was rarely on the same page, but they still managed to complete the challenge.

Come elimination day, the Cirque Berzerk troupe performed wearing the contestants’ make-up creations. All of the looks remained intact, but there were still a few glitches. According to the judges, newbie Eddie Holecko and season two’s Miranda Jory were the week’s top team. Jory was once again singled out for her brilliant application and was declared the winner. Schiro and Parkhurst found themselves on the bottom, with the judges noting that their creation didn’t look like an alien and featured a “crap” paint job and poorly executed scales. Upon hearing the critique, both girls burst into tears. In the end, Schiro was the one sent home.

EW spoke with Schiro about what it was like being back on the show, why she doesn’t blame Parkhurst for her elimination, and what she’s been working on since filming wrapped. READ FULL STORY

Fashion Face-Off: Kim Kardashian vs. The Masked Model

Kim Kardashian made quite a splash in her plunging dress when she arrived at the premiere party for a new fashion documentary in Paris Tuesday night. Kardashian took to Instagram to share a photo of her risqué ensemble with the caption; “Last night in Paris! This dress pulled off the runway from the Givenchy show! Styled by @riccardotisci17 & @crfashionbook for Carine’s film Mademoiselle C!” The handle @riccardotisci17 belongs to Givenchy creative director Ricardo Tisci, who was responsible for the gloved dress Kardashian wore to this year’s Met Gala.

At Givenchy’s Spring 2014 Paris Fashion Week show last Sunday, a masked model walked the runway in a sequined version of the cleavage-baring frock Kardashian wore last night. Asked to describe the inspiration for his latest collection Tisci mused, “It’s a car crash of the two cultures — the fragility of Japan and the draping of Africa.”

Who wore the dress best? Cast your vote in our latest Fashion Face-Off poll. (And no, “Who cares?!” is not an answer option, but feel free to blow off your Kardashian steam in the comments.)  READ FULL STORY

The cast of 'Downton Abbey' undressed, Adam Levine's superhero style icon, and more

The cast of Downton Abbey undresses for the roaring ’20s, a coffee table-sized computer hits the market, Adam Levine talks Kmart and superheroes, and more.

Read on for all of today’s style and design headlines.  READ FULL STORY

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