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Doubling for Vivica A. Fox in the ultra violent Kill Bill: Vol. 1 landed the Meryl in the hospital after she shot the infamous fight scene where Fox’s character Vernita Green takes on Uma Thurman’s “Bride” character in her home.

“It was the stunt going through that [real] glass table: I landed on my back and I flipped over and I guess a piece of glass went across my finger. I didn’t even know I was cut. I’m laying on the carpet waiting for them to say cut before I move — you can’t move because they’ll put [the actress] in that same position and she’ll get in there and do the rest — and the medic comes in and picks me up from the floor and runs me into the kitchen. We couldn’t stop the bleeding so we had to go to the hospital.”

The cut left her with stitches but Meryl shrugs it off, “It was nothing, thank God that’s the only major injury I’ve ever had in my career” (there’s always bruises, she notes, but using a topical form of Arnica helps to manage those).  The real pain for doubling for Vivica came from having to recreate the actress’ hairstyle.  “I actually had to go and sit for eight hours while this woman sewed in hair pieces –oh my god I didn’t like that part,” Meryl said. “I had to wear it for about a month, then I had to go back so she could take it out.”

Luckily, most jobs just call for wigs.

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